Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day gift and a very short run.

My husband made me another beautiful set of flowers (with dragonflies, my favorite) for Valentine's Day yesterday. Beats real flowers, because these last forever. Aren't they pretty? I usually get a set every year, which never fails to make me feel special. He also has someone coming to the house to clean everything (even blinds and ceiling fans!) tomorrow. Wow.

Today, it has been raining and the snow is piling up on the mountains around Tucson. I finally ventured out for a run (6 miles) with Dixie. When I arrived at the Rillito, I decided to only do 4.5, since the weather was looking ominous. I was almost 1.5 miles into my run when the freezing rain and wind started. I ducked into Green Things, a plant nursery along the Rillito, for a while to wait it out. After about a half an hour, I decided it was not stopping, so Dixie and I made a run for the truck. Between the cold, wind and rain, I was absolutely chilled when I got back. And I ran less than 3 miles, so I was a little disappointed. I can't remember the last time I only ran 3 miles!

I'm a little worried about the run I have planned this upcoming Sunday. I plan on heading out to the Rincon mountains with Angie and her friend Barb to join the Tucson Trail Runners group for a 17 mile run to Cowhead Saddle. Some of that group will be doing a 28 mile loop, but we are planning an out and back from Douglas Springs trailhead to Cowhead Saddle. I am concerned with the amount of snow that is sitting on the Rincons at the moment. So is my friend Laurie, who was going to do 12 miles that day.

Oh well. No matter what, I'm running LONG on Sunday. I may be doing it in town somewhere, but I'm definitely running long. I can't wait. The endorphins that hit during and after my 19.5 mile run last Saturday have been calling my name all week. :)


Sarah said...

I hope your long run goes well! I hear ya on the endorphins! : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...

gorgeous gift!

and i hope you found a good place to run this morning - can't wait to hear about it!

KatieGirlBlue said...

What a beautiful gift! How unique!

Your long run sounds awesome.
Go, go, go!