Sunday, February 20, 2011

Burnout. Overtrained. Last week of OP50 training

Old Pueblo Training Run #2:

Total distance: 21.14 miles
Total time: 4:40
Total AEG: 2,348 feet

This training run started at the parking lot at Kentucky Camp (1/4 mile off the official start of the race) and covered miles 1-3 and 33-51 of the race course (well, the race is allegedly 50.5 miles instead of 50, but many consider it to be about 51 miles. All of us must have gotten off course, because at some point, Lynda (who was sweeping) ended up in front of us. She was pulling ribbons thinking we were ahead of her. No wonder we had a tough time for a while trying to figure out which way to go!

My trail 'gangsta' outfit.

Miles 33-51 are the harder miles of the race. Fairly rocky, stream crossings (although not much water this year) and in general, more slower going terrain. But, very pretty in some sections.

One of my favorite views in the race - right after mile 40 aid station.

Big thanks for Joe and Lynda (the RD) for putting on both training runs.

TTR Cowhead Saddle run:

Total distance: 18.31miles
Total time: 4:49 
Total AEG: 4,008 feet (whew!)

This run was supposed to be Tanque Verde Loop to Javelina picnic area (around 20-21 miles). I was moving too slow to keep up with anyone, so I made the decision to turn around at Cowhead Saddle (about 9 miles up). It is at 6,100 feet elevation, and I still had about 900 feet more to climb - I just couldn't climb anymore. My legs were wiped from the OP training run the day before. I also didn't realize that my Camelbak bladder was leaking from the drink spout all over my long-sleeved shirt, until I got really cold around 5,500 feet elevation. I looked down and my whole shirt was drenched. I put my jacket on, but knew that I should turn around at Cowhead and call it good. 

Yep, everyone is ahead of me.

I was in the clouds by the time I got to Cowhead - luckily the weather was good - no rain until later on in the day.

I was happy with the decision - I still got in 50 miles this week plus the 6 mile Blackett's hike on Monday. And I was tired. Really tired from the training. I've been going at it for 3 months now.

Scout came out for her first TTR run! She did all 29 miles and did great! I met Scout at the GT 38.5.

Since I got back before a lot of people (shorter route), I saw many runners come in, which was fun.

Sion was first. Him in all his humbleness.

Chris, Jerry, Steve, Chris and Joe took a vehicle back from Saguaro to the start, but they still got in 21.5 miles.

Doesn't Joe have the best smile?

Dallas finished the whole 28.5 mile loop and was looking peppy as usual.

For my friend Kathleen in CO:


Monday, February 14, 2011

A week of training

Old Pueblo 50 training run #1 (2/12/11):

This follows the Old Pueblo course on a loop from the 7/29 mile aid station (during the race, we visit that aid station twice) and back to the 7/29 aid station (basically, miles 7-29 of the Old Pueblo 50 mile race).
Joe said, "And that's when I ran out of flagging. Good luck on the rest of the run!"

Total distance: 21.76 miles
Total time: 4:22
Total AEG: 2,825 feet

From mile 1-8 (7-15 during the race), it is hilly and works gradually uphill, going through some sandy, wash areas and some rocky spots. I ran the first 5 or so miles with Miro, who is from Italy. He talked a lot, which was great! Eventually, I had to make a 'bush' stop, and he went on ahead.

Miro says he never runs more than a marathon dstance - TTR will change that!

I love miles 9-12 - downhill!!! Quite a tailwind out there today, so I felt like I was being pushed downhill! It is pretty rocky on this section, but sooooo much fun.

Joe was going to meet us at the 12 mile point (just past the aid station 19 during the race) to provide aid. I saw him right before that driving away - he was going to check on some runners who got to the aid station before he did. He asked if I needed water, but I was good.

As soon as I took a left after seeing Joe, the wind became a headwind!! I would guess the gusts were around 30 miles an hour. At least it kept things cool out there, but it made it hard to run. Around mile 18 or so (mile 25 of the race), the road heads uphill again. Joe passed by again, and this time I took water. My Camelbak had some water in it, but I was starting to conserve. The wind was drying me out a bit.

On this run, I tried some things Dallas and I have been making - a pinole/chia muffin and a pinole/chia brownie (that has pinto beans in it - makes a complete protein). They aren't super sweet (sweetened with agave nectar) but they are supposed to provide more 'slow-burning' carbs. They were very filling and didn't bother my system or anything. I didn't even eat as much on my run as I normally do. I felt like I had plenty of energy. I am still doing gels, but not as many. I'm going to be weaning myself off of so much sugar for the really long runs.

I also wore my new compression socks (pink!!) I'm still dealing with shin issues (since Redington 50k on 12/19). My shin didn't bother me much at all today; maybe it was the socks. Yay!

Sabino Basin trail run (2/13/11):

Dallas was running Esperero today, so I ran out on the Sabino Canyon tram road and connected up with the trails and went out to Sabino Basin. It took me quite a while, because I chatted with Dallas on the tram road as he was finishing Esperero and I also saw Gene (doing his 475th Bear Canyon Loop! Wow!) and chatted a bit with him, too. I was tired from running the day before, but my legs felt good.

Yeah, I washed the compression socks from yesterday's run...

Of course, when I got to the basin, he had fixed the heart! How nice!

Happy gal

I returned on Phoneline trail and Dallas met me in the last few miles.

He was easy to spot.

Total distance: 13.37 miles
Time: 3:29
Total AEG: 2,870 feet

We got pretty sunburned (it was 82 degrees for the high today). Just two weeks ago, we had a hard freeze! Crazy global warming weather!

Valentine's Day Blackett's Ridge hike (2/14/11):

Total distance: 6 miles
Total AEG: 1,882 feet 

It was only my 2nd time up there - the first time was last Valentine's Day!

We got to the top as soon as it got dark.

Nice calf.
We headed down with headlamps on, and just tried to be careful - it is pretty rocky in spots. Neverthless, Dallas managed to slide off the edge about halfway back down. Scared the hell out of me (I never curse, but I did this day!!) He went about 6 feet over the edge and stopped when he dug his handhelds into the side of the switchback. He was able to climb back up on his own.Tore his leg up pretty good. Exciting Valentine's Day!!

I got in 51 miles last week and should get about the same this next week (excluding the hike).

♪ "My Body tells me no!
But I won’t quit
I want more, I want more..." ♫
~ Finger Eleven

Sunday, February 6, 2011

TTR Soldier Trail/La Milagrosa Run

I hadn't run all week since Cave Creek, so it was good to finally run.

Got to see a great sunrise at the trailhead before we all started.

This is the first time I've done Soldier and La Milagrosa trails. Quite a few TTR's came out, which was cool.

Distance:  15.96 miles
Total time: 4:02
AEG: 3,274 feet

Soldier trail is the hardest trail ever!!!!!!! It is super steep. My legs are trashed from too many weightlifting workouts. I think I'll be abandoning them for a while. My quads and calves were on fire. I didn't think I'd be able to finish the run.

Dallas made it look like a stroll in the park. Ugh.

But, of course, we pressed on. Almost everyone in the group passed us by the time we reached Prison Camp. The trail from Prison Camp to La Milagrosa is familiar - we do it during the Reddington 50k. I like that part. After passing Molino Basin and crossing Catalina Highway, we continue East, heading up and over a ridge. On the other side of the ridge, it is fun running downhill!

The turnoff to La Milagrosa trail was hard to miss. Dallas said, "If we didn't take a right here, we'd have to be idiots."

2 LARGE cairns and 3 or 4 flags. We got it.

Dallas ran with me so we could 'scope' out a spot that Ross had suggested might be a good lookout point to have a wedding.

Who wouldn't marry this man?

We ran into Mari right at the end. She took a few pics of us and then Dallas got some pics of me and Mari.

Renee and Mari
Runnin' down the road with Dallas, my best friend...

At the end, Chris said he had never seen me when I wasn't 'happy'. He passed me on Soldier trail and asked how I was doing, and I was whining about my trashed legs and not feeling good. He had definitely never seen me like that before. Gene commented that he rarely passes me. Yup, I was trashed out there and my mental state was bad for a bit. But, eventually, I made up my mind that I was going to finish and Dallas and I had a great time. We always do.

"I wouldn't focus on the negative, there's no point in that
Nothing says you can't enjoy the ride
Even if you are off the tracks..."
~ Finger Eleven