Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Official Catalina State Park Trail Race Report

It took me a few days to do a race report - I've been working on our taxes - spent 9 hours on them Sunday (they are fairly complicated and my husband uses the 'pile 'o receipts' method of accounting for his business, which is always fun at tax time) and got them finished up last night. Yes, we had to pay Federal tax, but it was offset with our refund from the State tax filing. And, we'll be getting that $1,200 'economic stimulus' cash in May sometime, which we'll use to boost the economy somehow, I suppose (more running gear?)
I finished the 11 mile trail race in 1:46:48, which was a 2nd place finish in my age group (40-44). The gal in 1st place in my age group finished in 1:46:35, so I missed 1st place by 13 seconds. There was a bit of a race timing snafu - I guess a lot of people switched on race day, without letting anyone know ahead of time, from the 5.5 to the 11 mile distance and from the 11 to the 5.5 mile distance so it messed up the results. I thought they had it all figured out on race day (I was in 1st, then I was moved down to 2nd) but I noticed that I was listed as 1st in my age group on the results on the race website. They have since corrected it and I'm officially 2nd place in my age group. I was very excited when they called my name for 1st place, but within minutes the real 1st place winner stepped forward and disputed it. I was slightly embarrassed, mostly because she made a scene about it, I thought. She said to me, "Don't you remember me passing you? I was picking off people at the end!" I basically told her don't worry about it, that I'm sure it will get figured out. I guess she gave the race director a lot of hassle for it, and he emailed me and told me he felt bad for me that she made such a public scene. I don't blame her for being upset, but I think she lacked a little sportsmanship. But I'm happy! 2nd place is awesome! Here I am with my 2nd place beer (?) glass, which I'm very proud of! Not too bad for right under 2 weeks after my marathon!

The 11 mile race was 2 loops of the 5.5 mile race:

1. Canyon Loop Trail (with the 92 steps!)
2. A .9 mile out and back on Montrose Pools trail (up on the out and down on the back)
3. Nature Loop Trail (big hill to get up, and then it is flat)
4. Bridle trail out and back (fairly flat, rocky and sandy)

The second 5.5 miles around was easier in some ways (I was warmed up). However, my legs felt a little tired from all the training. I actually felt nauseated off and on throughout the race, but I'm not sure why. It was fun to see people I knew on the out and back parts. I kept waving at my friends Shari and Steve at different times during the race as we passed each other which energized me.
Great race! We did a little rock hopping in the streams, but there really wasn't much water running. The weather was gorgeous and not too hot. They serve a wonderful mexican breakfast afterwards and all finishers get a technical race t-shirt (although it was canary yellow!) I'm getting known for being 'pink' out there on the trail and in races. The race director, Steve Landau, said, "Hey, there's the pink lady! Hi Renee!"

Regarding my friend Steve (there he is on the left resting his eyes)- thank you for the wonderful things you said Steve! Steve said he has been following my blog and at the awards ceremony he told me he was impressed about my accomplishments and proud of what I was doing with my running (I'm paraphrasing - at least that is what I remember him saying!). He made me feel so great! His comments were warm and sincere and it felt so good to be his friend. Steve's comments really made my day. Steve also came in 2nd in his age group (50 - 54). I'm proud of you, too, Steve!

I was never good at sports growing up and always felt awkward and shy around people. I love this life I've been given today, which is so different from then. I have so many wonderful friends and I feel like I really belong in the running commmunity and the world in general. I try to show up and see what I can bring to others rather than worrying about what they think of me. I usually chat with new runners and give them encouragement and applaud their successes. It takes me out of myself and I get to really see what life is about.

"Don't surround yourself with yourself." ~ The band 'Yes', song "Roundabout".


Marathoner in Training said...

If you were able to survive a marathon of taxes like that you deserve first place. I hope that you get the awards straightened out.

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WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

And I figured it out with Chris: we are good to go on carpooling. I figure, if it works for you, we can pick you up on the 25th at about 11 am....