Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter Trail Series - Race #3

Final race in the Blue Pants Racing Winter Trail Series - Race #3 was a resounding success! The distance was about 7 miles. We went on the Alamo Springs Trail out (short route) and came back on the Wild Burro Trail.

The scenery in the Tortolita Mountains is just breathtaking. The race today had an extremely steep climb which forced most runners to fast hike, but what an excellent workout!

I won 1st place in my age group for all three races and received a lovely cactus as my award (you had to do all 3 races to be eligible for awards). I wasn't particularly fast, because I was running more distance after each race, but I still got an award (because I was the only one in my age group?) Who cares - I was excited to get that little cactus!

Laszlo, the RD, did an amazing job. I think he is planning on doing it again next year, because I noticed that his Blue Pants Racing website already had the 2009 dates. Right on! I think the food he had at his races was better than a lot of other races I go to! Thanks Laszlo!

Laurie and I went on to run more after the race. Laurie ran about 4.5 more and I did 9 more for a total of 16 miles. I lost all my energy at about mile 14 (it was really getting hot out there today) but suddenly my energy returned and I felt great! I am experimenting with Hammer products for proper fueling and I think it helped.

I met a lot of new people and got to know a few I already knew a little better at this trail series. Here is my friend Steve - he is a great guy and super fast. Runners are nice people and trail runners are no exception.

I love trail running! I have gone on more trail runs in the last month than I ever have and I am completely hooked.

Next up: The Arizona Trail Race on February 3rd - 8 miles.


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