Monday, September 3, 2007

Saguaro National Monument 8-mile race FINISHED!

This fabulous Labor Day was the Saguaro National Monument 8 mile race, sponsored by the Southern Arizona Roadrunners (SAR). I am proud of myself, since I did better than last year (and the year before)! Here are my results from today's race and the last 2 years:
2007 - 1:13:11 (9:09 pace)
2006 - 1:15:50 (9:28 pace)
2005 - 1:17:27 (9:41 pace)

Getting better with age!

This race is so darn hilly, with many hills at a 6-7% grade! Whew! They don't call it Labor Day for nothing!

I volunteered for the SAR race registration and packet pick-up at the Running Shop on Saturday with Steve and Sheryl Felde. We were busy the entire time, and we had great fun. If you want to feel a part of something, it is always a good idea to get involved and give freely of your time! Plus, I got a coffee mug at the race as a gift of appreciation (and free lunch during - thanks Sharon from the Running Shop). Here I am posing with the mug after the race (in front of my artistic husband's beautiful bear creation):

The mug is about the same as the race shirt. It has the definition of Saguaro:

Sa-gua-ro 1: an arborescent cactus, 2: National Park in Tucson, Arizona, 3: 38th Annual Labor Day 8-miler, September 3, 2007.

The t-shirt also said "the hardest 8-mile race you'll ever run." Boy, they sure got that right!

Next up: training for the Bisbee stair climb race - stairs, here I come!

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