Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Cross Country Classic 5k

First year ever doing the Turkey Trot! Dallas talked me into it, of course. I probably would have slept in otherwise... :)

Finish time: 25:32 - not my fastest, but it was a little harder running on grass and some hills...

We got to run over hay bales and water troughs, too! Lots of TTR's out today - here is my friend Joel (the one that was with me when I broke my wrist 2 years ago) with a splendid jump over the water. Wow!

I had fun! That's what really matters. The fun.

I got to see my running friends Shari, Steve x2, Tom, Chase, Joel, Sion, Chris x2, Denise, Wayne and Patricia. Cool! It is a family event, so I got to meet some of their kids, too, which was neat.
Dallas got a video of me coming into the finish (I'm in the mustard yellow top):

Happy Thanksgiving!

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