Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today, I hiked up Tumamoc Hill here in Tucson. It is 3 miles up and down. I was having a little shin pain, so no running today. It is about 700 foot elevation gain up, so it is a pretty good workout. In the picture on the left, Tumamoc Hill is on the left. From the top of Tumamoc Hill, you can see over the city of Tucson, with the Catalina Mountains faintly on the left, and the Rincon Mountains faintly on the right in the picture below.

Where are you putting your energy today? Are you putting it towards love, giving, and abundance? Or are you putting it towards failure, self-absorption and fear?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE running?!? The Chiclets (me, Nancy, Lisa and Sheryl) ran around Tucson this morning. I ran 15 or so miles! It was fun - what a great group of women. I'll miss Lisa when she moves in November. She'll be headed to Bend, Oregon, which was named one of the top 30 places to live in 'Outside' magazine this month. Lucky Lisa! Here she is in her 'biking attire' at Sabino Canyon. Lisa is a 'Tri-Girl'.

Thought I would do a running skirt review because I have so many! I started wearing running skirts in Tucson before very many people did, because they are great! It is really catching on now. I try to support individuals who are earning living with their own business, so I haven't tried any of the skirts from the 'big names' in running apparel. Here is my review:
1. Scout Performance - one of my favorites. Find it at

Pros: Tactel fabric is buttery soft. Shorts underneath are shorter than many skirts and they don't squeeze skin. The color is fabulous. Love the wide waistband, which is very comfortable - it comes down in front in a V, which is very flattering. I have a lot of Scout Performance clothing - it is all well made stuff.

Cons: No pocket and a little pricey (although, very worth it!). However, you can join their 'Diva Club' and save a little that way. Not very many colors to choose from.

2. Atalanta Athleticwear - decided to buy it since Catra Corbett, an ultrarunner, raves about them. Find them at

Pros: Two pockets, one on each side in the back, which are huge! The fabric is super comfortable. I have the 'commitment' (shown in the black), which has shorts underneath, which don't squeeze and don't ride up. They just came out with a skirt with the underwear attached which I haven't tried yet (this is my next skirt purchase). Very well made. Fabric wicks nicely.

Cons: I think they accent my hips a little, which I don't like, but otherwise, very nice skirt!

3. Skirtsports - my first running skirts (they practically pioneered them). Find them at

Pros: The fabric wicks like crazy - very light. It has a pocket on the side (the newer versions have a pocket in the back) to put gels, etc. The skirt that I have with the attached underwear has a flattering cut.

Cons: Pocket on the side can make me look heavier if I put something in it (which they have fixed by putting the pocket on the back). Fabric (speedsilk) is so light, that it tends to ride up in the back when I use a waist water bottle carrier. The skirt with the attached shorts is not as flattering as the other one and the shorts tend to squeeze my thighs a little. All this being said, I own 3 which I wear regularly.

4. Running skirts - find them at:

Pros: Tons of colors to choose from and fabric is very nice. Two pockets, one on each side. Nice, wide waistband, which is flattering.

Cons: Not as well made as some, but price is a little better, too. Pockets are on the side, which are not that flattering depending on what you put in them.

Okay, gals, there you have it! I love wearing running skirts.

Remember to treat yourself gently today and remind yourself of how beautiful you are.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dixie Dog and Kenny trip!

My faithful running companion, Dixie Dog, is vacationing in Silverton, CO for the summer with my husband Ken. Dixie does actually do a little work - she is the greeting dog for my husband's art studio in Silverton. They took a trip up to Silver Lake last night which just about wore them both out. Dixie carries her own pack. Isn't Colorado beautiful?

The columbine is Colorado's state flower.
No running today for Renee. Resting my legs after the runs this weekend. Resting from time to time is good for runners, I believe, but hard to do....
"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." ~ Booker T. Washington

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Up early again for a new run! This morning I ran Sabino Canyon, which is 7.4 miles total out and back. it was my first time running this canyon, although I have walked it before. Sabino Canyon was nearly destroyed in the summer of 2006 when torrential rains caused a flood. Many repairs are being made to get it back to where it was. It was still really beautiful! Nancy and I ran together and right behind us was Debbie and Lisa's husband Brian. Lisa rode her bike up. I was so hungry afterwards, I made and devoured a 4 egg (with 2 egg whites thrown in, too) vegetable omelette. Yum!
To my sweet husband - you are very missed. I wish I were in Colorado with you now.
"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~ Harold Whitman

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday is long run day!

Nancy, Sheryl, Lisa, Sue and Renee

Here we all are on our run through the Canyon Ranch Resort area in Tucson. The beautiful Catalina Mountains are in the background. We did about 12 miles (Nancy and Lisa started early, doing about 16, since they are training for the Chicago marathon). Debbie, who is an old friend of these gals, came with us and took our picture. Thanks Debbie - it was nice to meet you!

Congratulations to the Hardrock 100 (mile!) race finishers! Scott Jurek (left) has already come in 1st place today in 26 hours and 8 minutes. The others have until tomorrow, Sunday, July 15th, at 6am to finish. It is a very grueling race, with a combined elevation gain of 33,000 feet!! It starts and ends in Silverton, CO, where my husband Ken is at for the summer. Kenny was there at the start of the race and he watched Scott Jurek come in to finish. Apparently, Scott's ankle was not doing well (check it out below!), since he twisted it on Monday playing soccer, but he perservered and set a course record. Thanks Kenny for taking pictures for me - it was almost like being there!

Congratulations also to all runners who even attempted the Hardrock 100. These are true athletes in my book!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Today is all about freedom. It is so great to be free to make my own choices in these United States. I am also free in spirit. I have been graced with freedom from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and compulsive and destructive behavior. A loving God has graciously allowed me to experience freedom of the soul. For that, I am grateful! I show my gratitude by being of service to others.

I went on an 8 mile run in Saguaro National Monument East (the 8 mile Cactus Forest loop) this morning. Sheryl and Nancy were there, but Lisa was doing an organized bike ride today. It is very hilly, but it is a good training run for the race held on that exact course on Labor Day. I have done that race twice now and will be doing it again this year. Check out the elevation map of this course:

No wonder I'm so tired today! It is a good workout, especially when it is hot like today. Today, the temperature in sunny Tucson, Arizona reached 110.5 degrees! I stayed inside for the rest of the day! Ken is in Silverton staying cool. Lucky Ken. The high in Silverton today was around 80. Nice. I wish I was back in the North Carolina running on this beautiful path (in Tsali recreation area):

If you are ever in North Carolina in this area, don't miss a trip to Tsali! Beautiful and shady!!! I can remember the smell of honeysuckle now...

Suggestion: Do something nice for someone you love today without expectation of anything in return. You will experience joy!