Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pemberton 50k Race Report

My third time running the Pemberton 50k.

Time to kill before the race starts.

2009 - 5:15:30 (the only time I'll EVER beat Paulette Zilmer - not sure how that happened.)
2010 - 5:00:36 (I could have broken 5 hours if I wasn't taking PICTURES on the course!)

2012 - 5:08:28

I was shooting for 5 hours, but decided I would be content with anything between 5:00 and 5:15. I went into the race with a little hamstring/glute aggravation on my left leg, but it didn't really bother me too much. There are some hills at Pemberton, but they are fairly mild.

So, I went out a little too fast on the first loop, clocking a 2:26. I felt good though, except that I was having a hard time eating. I never have a hard time eating - I usually 'eat' my way through ultras.

Feeling really good  - for now.

I didn't realize that I spent a bit of time running behind Mindy (on the left in the picture above). She and her husband Nate used to run with TTR before they moved a little outside of Tucson.

After I started the 2nd loop, I made a few bathroom pitstops and it became clear that I was getting tired. The lack of food, the building desert heat, and going out too fast on the first loop caught up to me. I started drinking the sports drink (Heed) at the aid stations to get more calories in. However, between AS 21 and AS 26, I had to conserve fluid - I was thirsty. By the time I reached the last aid station at 26 miles, I was in bad shape.

Still smiling, though.

I just put the mental state in charge and finished the rest the best I could. They say that running long distances is pretty 'mental' and this was no different.

I was only passed by one person on my 2nd loop, and I passed quite a few people myself, which felt good.

I finished 46th out of 128 finishers - I was happy with that. One more long run next weekend and then Old Pueblo 50 mile on March 3rd.

"You hear about how runnin' ultras is all mental; well, I sure wish it'd hurry up and get mental, 'cause it's feelin' awfully physical right now."

~ Ken Loveless

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