Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catalina State Park 8.35 mile Trail Race

Total distance: 8.35 miles (you could select a shorter option of 4.35 miles). My GPS said 8.28 miles.

In the past, this race has been a little longer (10.75 miles), but since I was planning on running almost 24 miles the next day, I was okay with that!
Finish time: 1:21
I was 3rd place in my age group!

Cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 1,522/(1,405) feet.

Got to see my good friend Steve, which I always enjoy.
The race photographer took a lot of pictures of runners (the pictures are free at the Everyone Runs races). He even got a picture of Steve taking a picture of me before the start! I'm wearing my two pom pom ponytails today.
This race has a few big hills and quite a bit of sand. We did two loops of the Canyon Loop trail and the Nature Loop trail. Super big thanks to Steve Landau at Everyone Runs for always putting on great races. The volunteers are wonderful, and you always get a mexican breakfast and smoothies afterwards! It was a beautiful day in the desert. Morning lows are finally dropping to around 60-65 degrees. I even wore a skirt to show my friend Kathleen in CO that I still wear them!
To top it off, after the race, Steve gave me a ride back to my car in his Cadillac so I didn't have to take the shuttle. I shared with him that I was born in a Cadillac, which he thought was interesting. Thanks for the ride in style!

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HappyTrails said...

Great job on your race and placing 3rd in your age group - Yahoooo!!!
AND, I am SO glad you are still a girlie-girl wearing your skirts - thank you! :-) Love the wonderful action photos and scenery.