Saturday, January 23, 2010

CFR Winter Trail Series Race #1

It has been raining for days in Tucson, but it cleared in time for the race. :)

Distance: 9.9 miles
Time: 2:15 - Slow, but hey, I just ran 38.5 miles 6 days ago!!!
Cumulative Elevation gain/(loss): 2,066/(2,062) feet
This course does climb a bit and is a little rocky, but once the 'meadow' section opens up, it is super runnable.

It was a beautiful day in the Tortolita Mountains - didn't get to enjoy the sweeping views as usual because the mountains were socked in, but running through the clouds was surreal and peaceful...

My legs were a little sore - I had not run all week since GT 38.5 on Sunday. After a while, they got with the program. I had a good time. 
Amy, a trail runner that lost her leg years ago to cancer, was at the race and is absolutely amazing and inspiring! She is doing the Western States 100 mile race in June!!! Amy is in the blue jacket in the picture.
Ott, the RD, puts on great races - excellent course markings and yummy food afterwards! (Love, love, love the mini bagels with turkey breast!!! He had them at the Summer races, too.)

Races #2 and #3 are the next two weekends - I'm not doing the one next weekend, but I'll be doing #3 in two weeks.
Glad I made it out - a lot of people didn't show, probably because they thought it would be cold and rainy. Guess they missed out.  It was cold at first, but warmed up a little bit. I never took my ear muffs off until the very end, and I never needed my sunglasses! Perfect running weather.

"I know that no I'm not alright, but I feel okay,
'cause anything can, everything can happen,
that's the story of my life..." ~ Bon Jovi

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