Saturday, August 9, 2008

BPR Summer Trail Series Race #2

The Step Workout.

The second race in the Blue Pants Racing Summer Trail Series was held in the Tortolita Mountains on the Wild Burro Trail, which is pretty tame, and the Alamo Springs Trail, which is one step after another going up through the range and then the same thing back down. We did a 'reverse the course' on this one from the Winter Trail Series race held on the same trails.

My friend Andrea, who I met at the BPR Winter Trail Series in January, was at the race as a volunteer today. She is always smiling and just so beautiful. It was good to see her.I ran with David, Mary, Laura and Patricia for a while. They left me in the dust about a mile or so from the finish line. However, I was baffled at the finish line when I realized that David still wasn't in. We all waited for quite a while and then Lazslo and Lauren went to look for him. We thought he must have gotten lost; he did say he got lost easily. When I checked the results, it was noted that he did the loop twice (maybe he was trying to catch his significant other, Cat, who was hiking the course?) Anyway, that guy is a character, and I had fun running with him and the other gals.
BPR did a great job marking the course, so there really weren't any spots that I felt were really questionable as to where to go (they used yellow ribbons and biodegradable chalk to mark.) The trail was in pretty good shape; it is just a lot of big, rocky, step ups for quite a bit of the trail, mixed in with some nice, runnable spots. However, there were some thorny bushes that were growing into the trail on many sections. Here some of us trail runners are proudly showing off our bloody wounds after the race:

I finished in 1:35 - the distance was about 7 miles. It was slow going, but what a beautiful place to run. Of course, I always take time at the top to enjoy the view. My friend Steve was there as well, and he was his usual speedy self, finishing at the head of the pack.

I love getting out there on the trail. Makes me feel like I'm really living. Some people sit on the couch, afraid to get out there (hey, it can be scary meeting new people all the time - even scarier letting them get to know you!) but it is so worth it. I know so many unbelievably amazing people as a result of walking through the fear.

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for." ~ quote disputed as coming from several authors

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