Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bisbee 1000 - Done!

Today, I ran and finished the Bisbee 1000, a stair climb race in Bisbee, AZ, which is a little over 1.5 hours from Tucson. It is about 5,000 foot elevation there. It is my birthday today, (okay, I'm 40!!!!!) so I wanted to do something fun to celebrate. The race consists of 9 sets of stairs (Bisbee is very hilly, therefore, lots of stairs) totalling 1,034, with stretches of running in between. The race distance isn't disclosed (not measured), but word is that it is around 5 miles, including stairs. My finish time was 49:09, which I was thrilled about, because it was 4th place in my age group (4/30)! I am in a new age group now since I turned 40. I also came in 181 overall out of 797. Turning 40 is great!

It was extremely hard; it is a combination of very steep uphill and downhill running with intermittent sets of steps, which I just couldn't run very much. I only ran one set in the middle of the race - I think I got a burst of energy, but that didn't last long! It was a fun time and I was proud of myself. I'm so glad that I'm active at 40 years old, and I hope to be for a long time to come! I was super happy that Kenny came along to celebrate with me - he was great, running around the course, snapping pictures and offering encouragement. I feel very blessed.

Kenny and I drove to Bisbee last night and spent the night at the Sleepy Dog Guest House, which was awesome! It is owned by local artist, Tad Cheyenne Schutt, who does amazing watercolor paintings that look just like photographs. She decorated this place so wonderfully! There are so many things to look at - I could have stayed there for weeks! It sits up on the hillside, with a beautiful view of downtown Bisbee, and was so quiet. I actually got sleep before the race! The bed was super comfy with nice linens and she even had complete fixin's for breakfast in the fridge (seriously - toast, cereal, grits, cream of wheat, oatmeal, eggs). We'll definitely be back. It is a getaway for sure. One of the best places I have ever stayed.

Parting thought for the day: There is no point in not trying! I borrowed that from Sarah's running blog.


Anne said...

Congratulations on your climb and on doing it to help celebrate turning a milestone. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and you sound like a great running companion to have while traipsing through the trails. I love being in my 40s...hope you do too.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy birthday! way to go on the bisbee 1000!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! What a cool way to celebrate. That looks and sounds tough!

Fe-lady said...

It's a 5k!! :-)