Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Cross Country Classic 5k

I PR'd!!!! That means 'Personal Record' for all of you non-runners. Fastest time on a 5k yet.
I have only done a few 5k's - I'm definitely not a fast runner. And, my focus has been on slow, long runs, not fast, short ones! But, there were no TTR runs this weekend, so I figured why not? Plus, it is a no-frills $7 race (t-shirt grab bag, potluck). Couldn't pass it up. I'm taking it easy this week after 3 weeks of going at it and next week's big TTR event...
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 25:00:22 (8:06 min/mile)
I placed 2nd in my age group (40-44)! Woohoo! I got a ribbon and 3 packs of Shot Blox, which pretty much paid for my entry!

I came in 22nd out of 108 women finishers (20th percentile). Yay for Renee!

This is a nice course at Lincoln Park, mostly dirt and sand, hilly, with the mountains and desert as a backdrop. It was a blast. Neat race - the guys have their race 1st at 7:30 and the gals start their race at 8:15. So, I spectated the guys race first, watching for all of my friends. My friend Steve rounding one of the last corners with the mountains in view:
I started out a bit fast and was pretty swept up in the excitement:

mile 1: 7:54
mile 2: 8:14
mile 3: 8:16

I slowed it down a bit after the 1st mile - I knew I couldn't keep that pace up!
I'm the pink shirt in the middle waving and smiling to my friends cheering me on:

I was hoping to break 25 minutes, and I was pretty close.
Got to hang out with some friends afterwards and watch the egg toss, which is a hoot.
Wayne, a very good long-time friend (1st in his age group! He is super fast and hasn't even been training):

Steve, who has made more than a few appearances on my blog over the years (good to see you, my friend, as always):
Some of the 'Slow Old Goats', Steve, Boone, and Joe (who runs with TTR a lot). Trust me, there is nothing slow about this crew of guys. They are a force to be reckoned with... :)
I also saw my friend Joel from TTR - he was not running, but is on the injured list. :(
I was a little tired after my effort today. I actually went home and took nap for over 2 hours!!

Life. Jeesh. Who knew it would look like it does today. One year ago, I was in so much emotional pain!! Fixing what was wrong with me on the inside had to happen first, and then I was able to take the actions that were necessary for me to move on with my life. Thank you God for your help with all of it. I couldn't have done it alone. I needed your power and love.
Spending time with friends today, I realized just how lucky I am. I am surrounded by so much love in my life!

'Took a chance looked inside
Didn't know who I'd find
Standing on the corner of hello and goodbye
All alone it's there I made up my mind
I'm one step closer
With my arms open wide...'
~ Bon Jovi


Jamie said...

It looks like fun! I was thinking about getting into trail running as well as road races. Does Tucson have some good races to start out with?

chris mcpeake said...

congrats on your PR.
nothing like a good solid trail race.