Sunday, March 15, 2009

South Mountain trail run

Rounded out the week with a 14.5 mile trail run at South Mountain Park in Phoenix this morning. I was pretty tired today; my life has been crazy and I'm not sleeping well at all. I slept about 3.5 hours last night, but in general, I'm running about 4-6 hours a night lately. I think I'll sleep well tonight. I got pretty sunbaked and that trail just took it out of me. I ran on the National trail, which is so rocky! I wanted to do more, but felt like I had to listen to my body today. The total cumulative elevation gain for the 14.5 miles was 2,551 feet.

On top of that, I accidentally deleted all my pics from the camera at the end, so no pictures of the run. :(

So, here is one from the archives.
I like this one, because I am really happy in it. I feel like I am going to bed happy tonight; I have made some decisions which are hopefully really good ones in the long run for a lot of people around me. I can't always say I'm going to make the best decisions, but my hope is that the decisions I make will allow me to sleep well at night and also be respectful of and loving to all of the people I care about. Thank you God for giving me integrity and bringing so many beautiful people into my life. I feel really blessed. P.S. Also, thank you God for trail running. It is helping to save my sanity right now, too. :)
I ran a total of 41 miles for the week. Time to rest up for the marathon. I get a massage on Tuesday!

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Well go get em out in New mexico.