Monday, May 25, 2009

My favorite trail - Yetman in the Tucson Mountains

Here are a bunch of pictures from my short 6 mile Memorial Day run in the Tucson Mountains on the Yetman trail. I bought a disposable camera to use over the weekend while I waited for my new Olympus Stylus digital camera from the 'Tough' series to arrive in the mail this week. This new camera will be waterproof! dustproof! shockproof! crushproof! freezeproof! Perfect for trailrunning. Anybody who has run with me knows I had dropped my camera (or fallen on it!) too many times.
The only bummer about a disposable camera is that there is no self timer, but I finally found a nice lady to take my picture for me. It was quiet out there today; lots of mountain bikers and a few trail runners, but nobody I recognized. It was a great 4 day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee--thanks for posting. Looks like a lovely trail :)


Kevino said...

Hi Renee - I'm bringing Urban Dare Tucson to Tucson on December 5, and hope you will consider running in town for a day. In it teams of 2 solve clues and face challenges in a race of about 5 miles. check it out at