Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loopy Mt. Lemmon trail run

After working almost 65 hours this week, I did head out on a long run this weekend, but it has taken me forever to post about it (because I have still been working too much...)

Here is what I did:

I parked in Summerhaven, right when you drive in at the parking lot.

I ran two loops of the following trails:

Up Turkey Run Rd., which turns into a dirt road, then trail (new for me! I like this trail - very shady)

Up Aspen Draw trail (lovely!!!) to Radio Ridge. Very runnable:

Down Upper Aspen trail (the only thing harder than going up Upper Aspen trail is going down Upper Aspen trail...)
Down Mint Springs trail (new for me, also!) Burnt out forest, but I really liked it because it had good views, lots of foliage, and small roller coaster hills with some steep spots. Pretty runnable, overall.
The trail comes out on Carter Canyon Road in Summerhaven, which I took to Sabino Canyon Parkway, and then back to the parking lot to refuel and get more water.

6.4 miles round trip.

I then did the same loop in reverse. I wanted more miles, but I didn't have time to do the loop a third time, so when I did the reverse loop, I crossed Radio Ridge over to the Meadow trail and added on a bit. Meadow trail has really big trees. Nice.

Total miles: 15.4

Total elevation gain/(loss): 6,074/6,078 ft.

Total time out: 4:22 (not including the refuel break at the truck)

High point: 9,162 feet

Purpose of this run was to get a decent amount of climbing, while staying up in elevation. Quite a bit of the run (hike) is over 8,000 feet, with a handful of miles over 8,500 feet and a few over 9,000.

It was really fun - I like that route. I think I'll do it again towards the end of August - maybe do the 3 loop option and add on the Meadow trail for about 21-22 miles. A few stickery bushes, but not many - just enough to draw a little blood...

I'm thinking of heading up to Flagstaff and doing Mt. Humphreys - highest peak in AZ at 12,633 feet - before the end of August, too (maybe the last weekend?) That should get me ready for Imogene as much as I'll be ready for it.

Here are the tentative plans...of course, I'll be doing lots of TTR group runs as well, once they start up in September.

8/1/09 - Summer Trail Series Race #1 - 6 miles on the top of Mt. Lemmon at 7:30am. Afterwards, I'll add on probably a couple of those loops I just did about for an additional 12.8 miles.
8/2/09 - Saguaro Labor Day Race training runs start - 8 mile loop - 6am.
8/8/09 - Summer Trail Series Race #2 - 7 miles in the Tortolita Mountains at 6:30am. I'll probably add on a few miles to that, too.
8/9/09 - Another Saguaro 8 mile training run!
8/22/09 - 21-22 miles on Mt. Lemmon (another loopy run!)
8/23/09 - Yes, another Saguaro 8 miler!
8/29 or 8/30/09 - Mt. Humphreys? 9 miles round trip, possibly do it twice?
9/7/09 - Saguaro Labor Day race - 8 miles
9/12/09 - Imogene Pass Race - 17 miles over a 13,000 ft. pass!
10/17/09 - Nashville Ultra - 50k or 60k, haven't decided yet. 60k would be 37.2 miles, the longest I've run yet, so I might do that. Going to visit my brother, sister and Mom.
10/31/09 - maybe pace someone at Javalina 100?
Something in November?
12/13/09 - Tucson Marathon - looking to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I would need to run 3:50 to do that. I think I can do it.

Well, that ought to keep me busy. :)

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