Sunday, October 11, 2009

TTR Green Bug Run

Well, I pretty much wiped myself out yesterday, so it was really more of a hike for me than a run! Yesterday, I did a 90 minute hot yoga class, followed by a new workout with a personal trainer in the afternoon. This new workout is really working a lot of muscles that haven't gotten enough action, so I was already sore before the end of the day. To top it off, I did a walk in the deep and sandy wash with the dogs in the evening. I wasn't moving very fast this morning, that's for sure.

So...not much of a taper this week for my upcoming 60k - 31 miles this week, three resistance/core/weight workouts, one 90 minute hot yoga class and 3 miles of dog walking, some of it in a sandy wash!

Here was the run:
Distance: 10.2 miles (There was a longer distance you could choose which was about 19 miles.) I did an out and back from Prison Camp to the Bug Springs trailhead - 5.1 miles each way.
Cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 3,097 feet/(3,125) feet
Time: 3:01 (jeesh! took forever!)
Actually, Kenny and our dog Taos went with me and Kenny was having severe knee pain about mile 3.5. So, I went with Taos to the Bug Springs trailhead and then met him on the way back. At any rate, it slowed things up a bit. We think he might have ITBS. Very painful.

This is a very beautiful trail in the Catalina mountains. Lots of hoodoos and neat rock formations. It was great to see all the TTR members that came out.

Time to rest up for the Nashville Ultra - I'm doing the 60k next Saturday. I get to visit my sisters - Andrea, Lisa, Theresa and Jennifer - and my brother Ken. I also get to see most of my nieces and nephews - 9 of them. My Mom will be there and a lot of spouses as well. Looks like my ultra created a family reunion. My brother and sister live in Nashville, but everyone else is traveling in to visit. Very cool. Couldn't have planned it better myself! Thank you God.

Everyone wish me luck. 37 miles is a long way to run. :)


inkskin said...

I really enjoy your blog- you are very inspiring!
Have fun in Nashville, that is gorgeous country to run in for sure.

Joyce said...

Good luck at your upcoming ultra!

Also, I've struggled with ITBS off-and-on for a few years. No fun at all! Using a foam roller works wonders though. Rolling twice a day plus stretching seems to keep it at bay.