Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everyone Runs Catalina State Park Trail Race

This wasn't my fastest race, but I didn't run a step for 3 weeks following Old Pueblo 50 mile and was just starting to get back into the running groove when the race came around. I love Steve's races - check them out at Everyone Runs.

The only bummer on race day was the weather. It was freezing cold before the race, so I sat around shivering until the start. I was thankful that I bought some new gloves the day before; my dog had chewed the thumb off of my other ones! 

Then a BIG thunderstorm came rolling through right after the race started and rain poured down during the whole race. I wore my rainjacket, but with my visor, I looked like quite the goober.

I was glad I had it - some race participants looked very cold in their underdressed state. Needless to say, as soon as the race was over, a lot of people booked. There is a substantial breakfast at Steve's races, but I grabbed one tortilla and got going, too. I was drenched and cold.

I saw my friend Steve H,, and he gave me ride out of the park to my car, so I didn't have to take the shuttle. Never turn down a ride in a Cadillac (after all, I was born in one!) Thanks Steve!

Distance: 10.35 miles
Time: 1:47
9th in my AG. Jeesh.

I was slow.....and I told myself it was because of the death of my Mom, because I was trained better for longer distances, because work has been stressful, etc. All of those might be true.
However, shortly after this race, I determined I was low on iron. Again. So, I'm getting that fixed, but that "I am not getting enough oxygen" feeling from being low on iron is really tiring! I get low on iron about once a year, most likely due to the heavy training.

I saw my friend Becky (she is fast!), which is always a plus. :)

And, the storm rolling in against the desert landscape is always beautiful. I stopped by Carpet One in Oro Valley to visit Dallas after the race, and then went home to take a hot shower.

That storm dropped a bit of snow on the Catalina mountains. This was exciting, because tomorrow, I'll be heading up there to help out with a run. Fun!


HappyTrails said...

Hey, wearing the visor with the rain jacket is a good idea - the visor keeps the rain off your face/glasses (unless the rain is blowing sideways)
so you were completely functional and non-gooberish! I am learning to ALWAYS bring dry clothes (warm, too) to change into after a run/race. Otherwise I get too chilled hanging around in the damp clothes, even when it's warm out. Get that iron leveled out and have a fantastic week!

steve said...

Love the report PK! I'm glad you were at the race. I did happen to notice that your upcoming races are devoid of the July 10 Run with the Roosters, Sept. 25 CSP Reverse the Course and the Nov. 13 half at Sabino H.S.

Hope to see you soon and congrats on the nuptuals!

Gotta go. The pink on your blog is buring my eyes! Steve