Sunday, February 19, 2012

TTR Tanque Verde Loop

Another fine TTR run in the Rincons.

Gene finally got a new green hat. The other one was in shreds.

Me playing peekaboo with Ross who is taking the picture....

Actually, I very much dislike the Rincons. There, I said it. There are so many steep, rocky 'step-ups' on this run. I'm just so slow on that kind of terrain.

Coming down is fun, though. Well, kind of. Until you get to the steep, rocky 'step-downs'. The kind that hurt your knee after a bit.

Well, I was happy when I finished, anyway.

Distance: 28.5 miles
Cumulative elevation gain: 5,241 feet
Total time: 6:54

Beat my time from 2 years ago, which was 7:32!

We had quite a few people at the start. Train of people going up the trail.

This run goes up into the Rincon mountains, East of Tucson. We go up to Cowhead Saddle and over on Tanque Verde trail. The high point is about 7,000 feet. Of course, we saw snow!

There is an aid station in Saguaro National Monument East at Javelina picnic area (about mile 20.5). We saw Ross when we got close and he snapped some pics of us.

Not sure why Dallas is frowning; I'm happy, though!

Then, it is 8 more miles through the sandy desert trails (Cactus Forest, Squeeze Pen, Carrillo, Garwood) back to the start. Luckily, there were some yummy chocolate brownie snacks at the aid station to get us through!

Saguaros for Kathleen!

This is my last long training run for Old Pueblo 50 mile. This run is a confident builder - between the 12 miles of uphill, the screaming 8 miles of downhill and the last 8 miles of totally mental running, it is a doozy of a run.

Good to be done!

I have some serious calf/shin issues on my left leg, which this run tended to aggravate. So, I'll do what I can to treat the problem for now, but I think in the future, I may have to look into some imbalance issues with my left leg and go to physical therapy. I've had an IT band problem, glute/hamstring pain, and the shin/calf issue - all in the left leg. Ugh.

So, no running until Old Pueblo as long as I have this shin pain. The hay is in the barn.


HappyTrails said...

Ahhh, thank you for the saguaro forest pic! :-) I hope you get that left side figured out - no fun after all the hard work you've done. Great job on a long, difficult run!

scout said...

Rest well, Renee! Look forward to seeing you at OP. Bummed I had to drop, but I'll be cheering you on at AS19!