Sunday, April 1, 2012

TTR Mt. Bigelow Ascent/Descent 50k

Total distance ~ 31 miles
Total time: 8:19
Total elevation gain: 7,600 feet

This was my first time doing this run. I have run all of these trails before, but never this specific run.

Route: up Sabino Canyon tram road, Sabino Canyon trail to East Fork trail to Palisades. Then, onto Butterfly trail and up Bigelow. I traveled along with Steve, Chia-Chi, Lisa and Kathy for a while. Lisa and Kathy turned around halfway up, and Chia-Chi and I pulled away from Steve shortly after that. So, it was pretty much me and Chia-Chi for about 5 miles. I am usually by myself, so it was comforting to have someone nearby. We arrived at Palisades TH at 3:53 feeling good! This is about 13.5 miles up.

Dallas and Mark were waiting there for our group with aid and they were hooping and hollering for us when we came in! I drank some Perpetuem, relaxed a few minutes, and then Dallas and I headed to the top of Mt. Bigelow, about another two miles up. The topout is about 8,500 feet. We started at Sabino Canyon at 2,700 feet! 


Mark, Chia-Chi and Me at our lovely aid station. Chia-Chi was done at this point.

We headed back to the aid station and I ate some macaroni shells and cheese (it was a little cool at the top and the guys had hot soup and shells and cheese on the stove!) I resupplied and got ready to head back down the mountain. Thank you Dallas and Mark for the fabulous aid.

Ken was behind me on the uphill, but he passed me heading back down.

Palisades is rocky and so I'm slow on the dowhill, but managed to get down from Palisades in 3:20. I had a rough patch on the tram road the last mile or so, but otherwise I felt great! I was the last one in, but I finished!

No problems with the anterior tibial tendon - I kept my shoe a little loose to prevent any irritation. However, I did twist my ankle a handful of times because of that. I ended up with a bruise on my outer lower leg. Nothing too painful, so it should heal fast.

My mileage is way down because of all of my issues - I am pretty much doing the stepmill at the gym during the week to get ready for the climbs at Zane Grey 50 mile and running a big run on the weekend. 3 weeks until the start of ZG - I hope I'm ready. I'll be slow - looking at 14-15 hours for a finish time.

I'm determined to finish, though.

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