Sunday, August 19, 2012

My 4th Esperero Loop

This run is a doozy. One of the best training runs out there.
21 miles total distance
~5,500 feet total elevation gain, much of that in the first 8 miles.
Up to about 7,000 feet elevation over Cathedral Rock saddle - steep as could be, sometimes on your toes.
Blazing hot
Lots of scratchy overgrown brush
Lots of flowers and everything was lush and green from the summer rains.
Took me 6:08 to finish.

Bridal Veil falls was flowing

Some foliage hitching a ride

At the topout we all regrouped. 7,000 feet.

I've been doing other runs working up to this.
Bear Canyon Loop (17 miles) in Sabino Canyon.

Me with Trish and her wonderful new guy Jim

New Lululemon skirt!

Where Dallas asked me to marry him...

Always fixing that heart.
Runs up in the Catalina Mountains (10 miles to the top and back).

Aspen - from the fire years ago


We also did Sunset Loops on Mt. Lemmon - ~16.5 miles and I did it in 4:49, my fastest ever. I was tired though. I had worked 120 hours in the two weeks prior. We did it with Benedict. Cool guy.

I am signed up for the Flagstaff 50k, which is on September 22nd. Then, Dallas and I will be doing a Grand Canyon R2R2R, shortly after my birthday in late October. 

The running is going well finally and I am so grateful. 

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