Sunday, November 25, 2012

TTR Redington 50k

This is the 3rd time that I have attempted the entire 50k. 2 years ago, I got lost near Bellota Ranch with Alli and Glenn, but last year, I ran really well and finished in 7:13. That didn't happen this year.

The run starts from Prison Camp off of Catalina Highway. It runs on the Bellota trail (which is Arizona trail) through Molino Basin and over a ridge towards Redington Rd. There is a lot of up and down, but it is fairly runnable. It is an out and back, about 15.5 miles each way.

Getting it together!

The masses gathering...

I started out slow, and kept it steady all the way to the aid station, which is at Redington Rd (about 13.5 miles in). I got to run quite a bit with Chia-Chi and Steve-O, but they turned around after 10 miles and headed back. 

I dropped off a few things in my drop bag, but didn't reload, as there is about 2 more miles out towards an AZ trail sign and then back to the aid station. I would then reload gels/bars and fill my pack with Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tablets and cold water. I also had some Perpetuem that I knew would revive me. 

As soon as I got back to the aid station, manned by Pete, he told me, "I hope you didn't need your drop bag; I sent it back to the finish with Ross." I freaked out (and later apologized profusely). I had none of the stuff that works for me! Julie was there and offered me a few peanut butter Gu gels (which I wasn't fond of, but I was grateful) and some tablets that she said were like alfalfa with electrolytes. I was worried that I wouldn't have any electrolytes for the way back - it was going to be hot as usual on that exposed trail. I grabbed 4 fig newtons and was on my way. 

It burst my bubble. I tried to get beyond it, but I was pretty mad. Why would they take my drop bag back before I had a chance to use it? I think they thought I had already gotten what I needed out of it, I guess. Pete later admitted it was a mistake.

I did think a lot about the kindness of Pete, Julie and Tonja. They were trying to offer me various things (salt and PB and crackers, for example) but I tried to take what I thought would work for me. Julie giving me those gels and tablets - how nice that was.

My energy started to wane on the way back - I wasn't eating enough and those electrolyte pills didn't help at all. I finally ran into Christie at about mile 23 or so? We ran together for a few miles - she wasn't feeling good. I told her my tale of woe and she gave me a few peppermint gels. They were pretty good! She had also stashed an ice cold bottle of Nuun flavored water at the tank (around mile 25?) and shared it with me! So kind! 

Right before the Nuun, I fell pretty good, wiping out my knee and hands. Ouch! I used my white hankerchief and mopped up the knee until it quit bleeding so much. My legs were also pretty scratched up from catclaw. What a sight.

Christie noticed Dallas on the ridge and I slowly caught up to him, with Christie dropping back a bit. Dallas had a variety of aches and pains and wasn't feeling very good either. We hiked like crazy up the ridge and after getting to the top, we started doing a little running. It was super hot, though! I think around 82 degrees, but at 4,500 feet elevation, it really was a scorcher. This run is all exposed.

We walked/ran the last 2+ miles between Molino Basin and Prison Camp. I was pretty tired. Dallas was trying to get me to head on a few times, but I kept waiting for him. We were going to run this in together! And we did.

At the finish. So glad to be done in this Fall heat!

Total time: 7:32
Total distance: 31.4 miles
Total elevation gain: 4,635 feet

Not as fast as last year, but I got 'er done. The lesson from today? If the game changes, I can still survive. Being thrown off course with no drop bag, I got to experience kindness from Julie, Pete, Tonja, Christie and Dallas. I got to finish with Dallas, too! Sometimes you just don't know what is in store for you - you have to be open to what the universe throws at you.

Another 50k in two weeks on 12/8.

McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50

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