Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bear Canyon Loop with Colorado Julie!

I've known Julie for over 4 years now. I met her in the Summer of 2008 when she was down from Colorado to stay in Tucson for 6 months with her children and husband (who was on a sabbatical). She had found my running blog and we hooked up for some trail runs.

I broke my wrist pretty badly that Fall and barely recovered in time to run with her one last time before she left Tucson. We stayed in touch and when she comes to visit her parents we try to hook up for a trail run or at least a bagel. Her and her husband Mike had us over for dinner one time when they were here, which was really nice. Mike is an excellent cook.

I went to CO to visit her in September 2011, but could not run with her because I had torn a ligament in my groin. I couldn't run with her in March when she came down, as I was recovering from OP 50.

So, I was excited to get to run with her when she was coming down to Tucson this Tucson to visit her folks. We usually run Phoneline loop, but I talked her into a longer run so I could show her our standard TTR Bear Canyon loop run. I knew she would love it.

Lots of rain and snow run-off made the 7 crossings before 7 Falls very wet and a little cold!

We took our time and enjoyed the views. We talked the whole time, of course. Lots of cloud cover, but it was the warmest day this week. We started at 7:30am, and it was around 48 degrees. By the end of the run, it was around 68. Perfect.

It wouldn't be a run with Julie without a 'Julie pose'. :)

I've got this one down!

The 8th crossing had water, but we were able to get across without getting wet (although my feet were still wet from the last crossings).

I jumped the gun on the 'top-out'. I told her it was at one spot, and then we kept climbing. Still made for a nice picture!

We finished the 17 miles and 3,000 feet of ascent feeling pretty good. I was proud of Julie! What a blessing to have her in my life. I learn more about her each time I see her and she is a really awesome gal. She has an awesome husband and kids, too.

After the rains this past week, the mountains were covered in snow, so it felt more like the holidays. However, even though Winter is officially here, it feels a lot like Fall here in Tucson. :) 

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and remembers what is important to them. For me, it is people. 

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