Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet my faithful running partner, Dixie Dog....
We went running this morning at the Rillito wash. She had a small wound on one of her paws but she really wanted to go. We did about 5.5 miles.
10 seconds after I took this picture of Dixie, we saw a coyote. At first I thought it was a dog, and then I realized it wasn't, so we took off the other way until the coyote moved on, and then we backtracked down this trail.

This is the little houndog that always barks at Dixie Dog when we run the Rillito. He (she?) stopped barking long enough to pose for me. Very cute dog.

All done with my run. I love running, especially with Dixie. She is a good dog. Running makes me feel like a strong woman. I feel like I can treat the universe right when I have had a good run.
Thought for today - "Karma can be endlessly patient. Eventually the universe will insist on redressing the balance of wrong with right."

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