Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another great day! Me, Lisa, Nancy and Sheryl ran this morning (early - 5am!) between 14 and 15 miles. It was hot, which is why we went so early. Nancy's birthday is on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Nancy!

And if that wasn't torture enough, I followed that long, hot run up with a bikini wax at the salon! And, my air conditioner went out in my truck today. :(
I really enjoyed running extra long today with my fellow Chiclets. I feel like I am built to run longer distances. The longer the better. Ultramarathons, here I come! My plan is to run a 50k (approx. 31 miles) race over Memorial Day weekend in 2008, so I'll have the next year to get stronger and get used to running longer and longer distances. I'll be doing the Bataan March marathon again in March 2008, along with some other races between now and then. I ran almost 42 miles this week! I love it! I feel very strong and sturdy. Thank you God for the ability to run and for all of the other amazing gifts in my life!
My husband Kenny and I hung out the rest of the day together. Here is a picture of him taken when we were in Mexico at Christmas time. What a handsome man! He just about wiped us out when he went over the backside of that huge sand dune on his uncle's fast ATV! All in the name of fun. His parents, Don and Char, who are wonderful in-laws, live down on the beach in Mexico over the winter. We had a different Christmas this past year. We rode ATV's in the sand and desert and ate lots of seafood!
He is a beautiful man and I am thankful he is in my life. :)

Quote for the day:
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.~ Will Rogers

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