Saturday, July 5, 2008

If it is good, try it again.

Had such a great time last weekend doing the Cactus Forest trail/Saguaro paved loop combo, that we decided to do it again! After a fitfull night's sleep, I awoke at 3:50am to meet the gals at the Broadway trailhead at 5am! This time, it was myself, Sheryl, Shari, and Laurie, which was such a surprise. I have not run with Laurie since last Spring, when she started experiencing knee pain and had to take time off. She was a welcome sight and she just looked great! Not only had she really shaped up, but she had on the cutest skirt/top combo (she is in the far right in the picture above).
I think all of us were pretty wiped out when we started. They all had done a 25 mile bike ride yesterday and I had ran my 9.5 mile hilly trail, so we took it slow and just had fun. We ended up doing 11 miles, which was perfect.

We did see one of those desert jack rabbits, which are always cute with the big ears. He just stopped and posed for us.

I ran into (not literally) my friend Steve, who was running the other way on the trail with Andy, I believe. Always great to see his smiling face; we gave each other a high five as we passed and we all kept running, of course.
Sheryl led the whole way at a good pace. We got a big monsoon rain last night in Tucson, so the run was a pretty muggy, sweaty one. We did have cloud cover for quite a bit of the morning, which was great! The last mile we didn't talk much; I think we were all ready to be done! But, we had fun, as always. Laurie always talks about recipes towards the end of the run, which is fabulous!
I got in about 39 miles running and 2 miles walking for the week. I also did 2 weight workouts.
Tomorrow, I'm not getting up early for anything.

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Looks like fun!