Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One of my favorite morning runs...

It's not a trail, but it is dirt (soft, too)! Lots of bunny rabbits and views of both the Catalina and Tucson mountains. The neighborhood is close by where I live, so I do a loop through it and head up to the Rillito path and back down to my house. I've been doing about 6 miles on 4 out of 5 weekday mornings.
I don't go running on Thursday (it is trash day in the nearby neighborhoods and it is a stinky run!), so I take Cracker Dog to the park near our house. We run a little and do laps; that Cracker is a natural born runner; we only do about 2 miles of running/walking, though. She likes to chase the birds.

I like running in the morning; gives me a chance to think about what is important to me. I wave and smile at as many people as I can. Some people don't respond, but that is okay; I just do it anyway. I strive for giving, rather than getting, to be my guiding principle.


Anonymous said...

wow! great view! Dirt roads are AWESOME to run on. My trail is not as smooth as dirt, but the hills are nice.

HappyTrails said...

It looks pretty in your neighborhood - beautiful views! Dirt is good whether it's a dirt road or trail! It IS wonderful to get out early in the morning - I love to think about "stuff" and people and reflect on my many blessings. Keep smiling and waving at folks and keep up the fun blog!