Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just riding in the mountains...

Kenny and I spent about 3 hours riding on the ATV around the backside of Mt. Lemmon today, which was a lot of fun. It is about an hour ride North of Tucson to get there, through the town of Oracle. We rode about 15 miles and went up to Rice Peak. Kenny drives and I just ride, which is very relaxing. There were a lot of people camping and hunting out there for Thanksgiving weekend, but we still had a good time. Part of the forest we drove through was ravaged by a fire years ago, so there was a large area with tons of old snags which was cool.
We stopped near the top and did a little hike on a trail - lots of alligator juniper trees which were full of character.

I'm getting more flexibility back in my hand - my physical therapist is brutal, but I'm also doing exercises at home. I have to walk around holding a phone book, which will help 'flatten' my arm back out (it has a weird bend to it). The worst part is the PT 'scrubs' my scar to break up scar tissue and desensitize the nerve endings. Holy cow that is painful - she just rakes over the area with a metal ultrasound wand and I can feel it on every screw. But, the good news is that it is feeling much better. I was even able to hang on to the ATV with a pretty good grip while bouncing around when Kenny was trying to catch air on the hills. Fun.

4 days off in a row always go quickly, but I'm very thankful for the time off.

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