Sunday, April 12, 2009

As soon as you state your plans, there they go...

Well, no TTR Mt. Bigelow trail run for me after all. After quite a bit of rain on Saturday, and snow up on the Catalina mountains (behind me above), the highway up was closed. So, either I chose to do the round trip unsupported (31 miles) or nothing at all, since there would be nobody to take me back down. I know a handful of TTR runners did the round trip - what a hardy bunch - with one guy (Bob B.) doing 31 miles both Saturday and Sunday!
I chose to stay in the valley instead and did another round of hill repeats on Tumamoc Hill for a total of 10.75 miles (same as yesterday!). Total elevation gain: 2,990 feet in the 10.75 miles. Good training!
Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that I saw 2 deer hiding in the brush eating cactus and a baby bobcat crossing the road. It was the first time I've ever seen a bobcat.
Total miles for the week - 28.5. I think I'm offically recovered enough to really step things up again now.

I'm wearing my race shirt from yesterday's Catalina State Park trail race (isn't it cute?).

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

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