Friday, April 10, 2009

If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans...

Well, I recovered pretty fast from the Bataan marathon. Although I didn't run the 5 days following the race (too much overtime at work), my legs felt great 2 days afterwards. It felt good to know that I'm improving both my racing times and my recovery times.
After taking the 5 days off, I ran 7 miles on Saturday and on Sunday, I did a 'triple Tumamoc hill' (3 trips of the 3 mile round trip Tumamoc Hill) followed by about 20 minutes of stair climbing at the parking garage next door. Tumamoc Hill is about 700 foot elevation gain up, so I did about 2,100 feet of climbing in the 9 miles. So, I got in about 16 miles the week following the marathon.

This week, I ran 7 miles on Wednesday and here are my weekend running plans:

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 11th, Catalina State Park 10.75 mile trail race. A wonderful individual took care of my race entry fee. Thank you so much - you know who you are and I really appreciate it! It is supposed to really rain in the morning, so the race should be interesting. I know there were a few spots left in the race, so come on over and join us! My legs feel ready to race.

Sunday, April 12th, TTR Mt. Bigelow Ascent - 17 miles. There is supposed to be snow encountered during this run, since we'll be headed up over 8,000 feet elevation from Sabino Canyon. Hope I don't get lost. :)

Sunday, April 19th - Possibly a long trail run in the Huachuca mountains with David R. from Sierra Vista, but I haven't heard back yet from him (could be on April 26th instead).

Sunday, May 3rd - TTR Santa Catalina Ascent - 25+ miles with a smoking lot of elevation gain. Let's just call this what it is - one big, long hike. I could only hope to run parts of this. We'll see.

Saturday, May 9th - TTR Mt. Wrightson Massacre - 10.4 miles (one round trip) is all I'll be doing, but others will be doing multiple trips up and down.

Saturday, May 15th - Grand Canyon R2R - 21 miles. This will be my first time in the canyon (I've stood on the edge of the North and South rims, but never have gone on any trails). This run is what the other runs I have just mentioned will prepare me to do.

Well, there you go. I feel good and happy today. I hope to enjoy all of my future planned runs this Spring and meet some new friends in the process. I'm watching my money, so I'm doing more group planned runs as opposed to races. If you are interested in any of these runs, e-mail me and I'll tell you more about them.
I going to have a cup of Yogi brand Kava Stress Relief tea (really makes me dream a lot!) and off to bed I go. Life feels simple in a cup of tea.

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HappyTrails said...

That looks like a FUN schedule - I will be looking forward to all of your reports, particularly the R2R-that is one we would like to tackle one of these days. Make sure to take LOTS of pictures! :-)