Friday, August 21, 2009

Icky....Spider Bite

Well, I think it was a spider bite anyway - pretty classic 'bullseye' appearance. I noticed it right after my 18 mile trail run on Mt. Lemmon 3 weeks ago. It got pretty bad before it got better.
I still have a light red ring on my leg. Grossed everyone out at work. People tried to send me to the doctor saying it could be a brown recluse spider bite. I figured since my skin didn't turn necrotic in a short time, that it was just a standard bite - nothing much to be done about it since it wasn't infected. It was itchy and hard and fairly sore for a few weeks.

Never know what critters are going to hop on you out there on the trail!

My legs were looking pretty scary there for a bit - well, my left leg anyway. Spider bite, big red scar on knee from pavement fall while running 2 months ago, and some pretty good scratches from the trail race last week. I still wore a skirt to work to show off how burly I am. :)

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Arianna Alexander said...

Did u ever find out what it was exacty.