Sunday, November 22, 2009

TTR Mt. Lemmon Ascent

What a beautiful day, with the most amazingly beautiful weather (morning was around 45 degrees, high expected around 75 in the valley, 60 on Mt. Lemmon). I joined TTR for my first running (uh, hiking) of the Mt. Lemmon Ascent.

This run/hike starts at the Sabino Canyon Visitors Center, goes down the tram road 3.7 miles, then takes the connector trail to Sabino Canyon trail and into Sabino Basin.

From there, we all headed left on the West Fork trail, passing Hutch's Pools, until we reached Romero Canyon trail, which connected shortly to the Lemmon Trail. We took that to the top of Mt. Lemmon.

Time: 6:01
Distance: 19.05 miles (seemed to vary among everyone - 18.6 - 19.8)
Starting elevation: 2,696 feet
Ending elevation: 9,111 feet
Cumulative elevation gain/(loss): 10,370/(4,053) feet

There was about 15 people doing the run, most of them faster than me! I wasn't used to the elevation, and it got to me a bit.

It is pretty runnable for the first 10 miles or so, and then the hiking starts. Miles 13 and 14 are big elevation gain - 1,005 and 1,331 feet, respectively. I really didn't do much running at all from miles 13 to the end. I think my mental energy was elsewhere; it really wiped me out! That is definitely some tough hiking, with lots of crumbly stuff. My legs became pretty scratched up from the sticker bushes, too. Not sure if I'll do this one again. I know, I know, I probably will!
Thank you to all the TTR members who gave us all rides down the mountain! On the way down, we saw a coatimundi. He was too quick for a camera shot. Coati are mammals in the raccoon family (larger than raccoons, though), with super long tails. They are so cute!
Total miles for the week: 39. Didn't get in as many as I would have liked to. Got a 50 mile week next week (last week of marathon training). Between that, and moving, I should be sufficiently wiped out after Thanksgiving weekend. I'll have to go back to work to rest up. :)
Thank you to everyone who has been so loving and supportive to me during this time in my life. I truly am blessed to have so many beautiful friends and family.


RunningTroysLife said...

LOve that run!

Sarah said...

Hey, I just noticed you've joined the Insane Asylum. Congrats!

HappyTrails said...

Nice run - OUCH on the 6500' climb. Glad you got out and had fun!!!