Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mt. Wrightson trail run party

A whole bunch of us went down to Mt. Wrightson to get some training in for upcoming races - me, I'm doing the Mt. Lemmon marathon in October. I planned on doing 2 full ascents/descents and then a partial ascent (halfway) to Josephine Saddle and back. We had 20 people total for this casual get together and distances ranged from 1-3 ascents/descents.
My stats:
Total time: 9:25
Distance: 27.27 miles
Cumulative elevation gain/(loss): around 10,000 feet up and 10,000 feet down

The first ascent I did with Dallas in 1:55.

Total time full round trip: 3:24
I took a 14 minute break to eat and resupply my pack.
The 2nd ascent I did by myself in 2:17.

Total time round trip: 3:47
I took a 21 minute break this time. Everyone else was done and was sitting around drinking beer. I was enjoying talking to everyone and had a hard time getting going again!

I then went up to the 'halfway' point, which is Josephine Saddle in 1:00. On the way up, I met this guy named Pete, who asked me, "Did you forget something?" He had already seen me go up and come down a few times! How funny. He was really nice and I passed along some info on TTR. I really enjoyed the chatting break at this point in the day - it was really getting hot.

Total time partial trip: 1:39

Dallas finally did it and made 3 ascents/descents for a total of about 33 miles!!! I was so proud of him!!

A successful day for both of us. I will try for 3 full round trips at the beginning of August! Dallas will, I'm sure, think of doing 4.
Why? We are training for the Mt. Lemmon Marathon. And, why not?
I took sooooooooo many pictures of all of my wonderful friends that were there: Steve, Gene, Joe, Mike, Tom, Mari, Boone, John, Tonja, Ken - all of you are so wonderful! Thanks for coming out everyone! I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do! There were too many pictures to post, so check out my pics here.

I even made a 'new' friend today.

My new pacer! :)

What a great day on the trail! It was hard work, but I was proud of myself! My dirty feet and legs tell the story:

"All I know,
I still got mountains to climb
On my own..."
~ Switchfoot

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inkskin said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks for sharing the photos, it inspires me to do more.