Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bear Canyon Loop....

....with my wonderful friend Shari!!
Damn girl, looking good!
Shari had never done this trail loop before and I wanted to check out the condition of the trails. Being the run director for this loop for TTR the next day, I wanted to make sure I alerted everyone if I saw anything strange or dangerous or whatever.

It is beautiful.

This loop is through Bear Canyon past 7 Falls on Bear Canyon trail out of Sabino Canyon Recreational Area. Bear Canyon trail hooks up with East Fork trail, which connects to Sabino Canyon trail. We took the tram road back. About 17 miles total. Thank you Shari for running with me! We took our time and took in the sights along the way.
And right when we got to the basin (at the intersection of East Fork and Sabino Canyon trails), look what I found!

A love note from Dallas! He left it when he ran the loop on Thursday. ;)
That made me happy! Thank you Dallas!

What a great run. Didn't see anything unusual - lots of cairns for questionable spots (Dallas made a few) and some of the best views around. I love being on the trail with my friend Shari. :)

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mtnrunner2 said...

Beautiful canyon, especially at the top. What a great trail.

If I lived in Arizona I think when I first got there I'd take way too many pictures of cactus. lol. We just don't have 'em that tall in CO.