Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Bear Canyon!!!

My first go at being a Run Director for TTR. I've been in the group for 2 years and thankfully, have been reliable enough that Ross and Gene asked me to take a run.

Being a Run Director for TTR is fairly simple:
1. Send out a group post during the week to remind the group about the upcoming run
2. TTR members RSVP to the run to let you know they are attending
3. Bring snacks and drinks for runners to have after the run
4. Bring sign up sheets - need emergency contact info, etc.
5. Bring maps of the trails being used

Well, usually our runs are fairly small, but I had almost 50 people RSVP!! I ended up making a lot of cookies and turkey wraps (yes, Dallas helped me - and he made banana bread!) and buying lots of soda, chips and snacks.

Since it was Halloween, I urged people to dress up! So, I just pulled a few things together and so did Dallas:

Dallas sent our picture in to the guy who makes the 'Run or Die' shirts we are wearing and we got our picture put on the Team Ink 'n Burn website! Very cool.

I think Mari dressed up like me with all the pink. :) Too cute.

All in all, 49 people signed in for the run. It was crazy! I barely had time to give a quick trail briefing.

Joe the Jester to the left...
...and everyone was off into the sun about 7am, most to do the 17 mile loop that me and Shari did the day before.

Nice hair D.
 After everyone left, I ran an out and back on Bear Canyon trail for an hour. Then, it was time to get back and set up the food and drinks.

I think the Pink hair added a little pep in my step!
Runners started coming in shortly after that from shorter trips to 7 Falls and Phoneline trails, and then Doug arrived from Bear Canyon loop first at 2:28!! The runners just kept coming. I was checking runners in, writing down times and chatting up a storm!

Anyone who knows me knows that I ♥ LOVE ♥  to talk.
 I had some bumper stickers created from something Gene had said several times over the Summer:

I credited Gene with a tagline on the sticker. Unfortunately, although Gene has run Bear Canyon Loop 474 times, he was unable to be at the run as he was out of town! I handed the stickers out to everyone as they finished the run; I hope everyone liked them. I sure do love TTR. My sticker is on the back of my new Subaru Outback!

Dallas came in from the loop wearing his costume! He only wore it for the last little bit of the loop - I think he scared some ladies on the tram road...

Yeah, I'd be scared, too.
I think I had a pretty good spread of food and drink for everyone.
Good job Steve. Always good to position yourself next to the food. :)
My friends Steve and Boone signed up for the OP 50 mile race in the Spring! I think Steve caught the 'ultra' bug during the Summer running with TTR. He and Boone are strong runners and will do great! I'm so excited!!

All in all, it was a success! No runners really got lost, only some minor flesh wounds, and everyone was accounted for. I was there from 6:30am until about 2pm. The last runners came in and helped me clean up and pack everything into the car. I didn't run very long today, but I was tired! 

I love being of service, though. I cannot continue to take without giving back if I expect to live long and happy in this world. What a great feeling I had after this weekend!

The only thing missing guessed it. Gene.
Gene, I hope you enjoy your next trip on Bear Canyon - #475. :)

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HappyTrails said...

The pink hair is quite lovely on you!
And I am really liking your striped socks - compression aren't they? :-)
Good job on your foray into RD'ing!!!