Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little run to Hutch's Pools

TTR had the Mt. Lemmon Ascent scheduled today, but I couldn't do it, as I had somewhere to be early in the afternoon. So, I joined up with them at the start at Sabino Canyon and just ran to Hutch's Pools and back.

My new friend Jason joined me for the out and back. Jason is a triathlete who has completed an Ironman and I met him through my blog. He loves to hike and is ready to really get into some longer trail runs. He'll fit in with TTR nicely!

Dallas hung back with us until Hutch's Pools and then did the ascent (and I might add, he ran back down from the mountain, too, for a total of 38 miles! You are an animal Dallas!) It was hard to watch him go as the skies were darkening and the weather was looking pretty ominous. He and other TTR's ended up getting into some snow and ice showers near the top, but in the end, they all said it was just a winter wonderland. Bummed I had to miss that!

Jason at the turnaround point-he was happy to be outside.
I had a little fall through the rocky section near Hutch's Pools, but just got a minor flesh wound and banged up my knee a bit.

Autumn is evident finally.
We came back via Phoneline trail for a total time of 3:41 and about 16.3 miles. Thank you Jason for running back with me!

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