Sunday, February 20, 2011

Burnout. Overtrained. Last week of OP50 training

Old Pueblo Training Run #2:

Total distance: 21.14 miles
Total time: 4:40
Total AEG: 2,348 feet

This training run started at the parking lot at Kentucky Camp (1/4 mile off the official start of the race) and covered miles 1-3 and 33-51 of the race course (well, the race is allegedly 50.5 miles instead of 50, but many consider it to be about 51 miles. All of us must have gotten off course, because at some point, Lynda (who was sweeping) ended up in front of us. She was pulling ribbons thinking we were ahead of her. No wonder we had a tough time for a while trying to figure out which way to go!

My trail 'gangsta' outfit.

Miles 33-51 are the harder miles of the race. Fairly rocky, stream crossings (although not much water this year) and in general, more slower going terrain. But, very pretty in some sections.

One of my favorite views in the race - right after mile 40 aid station.

Big thanks for Joe and Lynda (the RD) for putting on both training runs.

TTR Cowhead Saddle run:

Total distance: 18.31miles
Total time: 4:49 
Total AEG: 4,008 feet (whew!)

This run was supposed to be Tanque Verde Loop to Javelina picnic area (around 20-21 miles). I was moving too slow to keep up with anyone, so I made the decision to turn around at Cowhead Saddle (about 9 miles up). It is at 6,100 feet elevation, and I still had about 900 feet more to climb - I just couldn't climb anymore. My legs were wiped from the OP training run the day before. I also didn't realize that my Camelbak bladder was leaking from the drink spout all over my long-sleeved shirt, until I got really cold around 5,500 feet elevation. I looked down and my whole shirt was drenched. I put my jacket on, but knew that I should turn around at Cowhead and call it good. 

Yep, everyone is ahead of me.

I was in the clouds by the time I got to Cowhead - luckily the weather was good - no rain until later on in the day.

I was happy with the decision - I still got in 50 miles this week plus the 6 mile Blackett's hike on Monday. And I was tired. Really tired from the training. I've been going at it for 3 months now.

Scout came out for her first TTR run! She did all 29 miles and did great! I met Scout at the GT 38.5.

Since I got back before a lot of people (shorter route), I saw many runners come in, which was fun.

Sion was first. Him in all his humbleness.

Chris, Jerry, Steve, Chris and Joe took a vehicle back from Saguaro to the start, but they still got in 21.5 miles.

Doesn't Joe have the best smile?

Dallas finished the whole 28.5 mile loop and was looking peppy as usual.

For my friend Kathleen in CO:


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