Sunday, February 6, 2011

TTR Soldier Trail/La Milagrosa Run

I hadn't run all week since Cave Creek, so it was good to finally run.

Got to see a great sunrise at the trailhead before we all started.

This is the first time I've done Soldier and La Milagrosa trails. Quite a few TTR's came out, which was cool.

Distance:  15.96 miles
Total time: 4:02
AEG: 3,274 feet

Soldier trail is the hardest trail ever!!!!!!! It is super steep. My legs are trashed from too many weightlifting workouts. I think I'll be abandoning them for a while. My quads and calves were on fire. I didn't think I'd be able to finish the run.

Dallas made it look like a stroll in the park. Ugh.

But, of course, we pressed on. Almost everyone in the group passed us by the time we reached Prison Camp. The trail from Prison Camp to La Milagrosa is familiar - we do it during the Reddington 50k. I like that part. After passing Molino Basin and crossing Catalina Highway, we continue East, heading up and over a ridge. On the other side of the ridge, it is fun running downhill!

The turnoff to La Milagrosa trail was hard to miss. Dallas said, "If we didn't take a right here, we'd have to be idiots."

2 LARGE cairns and 3 or 4 flags. We got it.

Dallas ran with me so we could 'scope' out a spot that Ross had suggested might be a good lookout point to have a wedding.

Who wouldn't marry this man?

We ran into Mari right at the end. She took a few pics of us and then Dallas got some pics of me and Mari.

Renee and Mari
Runnin' down the road with Dallas, my best friend...

At the end, Chris said he had never seen me when I wasn't 'happy'. He passed me on Soldier trail and asked how I was doing, and I was whining about my trashed legs and not feeling good. He had definitely never seen me like that before. Gene commented that he rarely passes me. Yup, I was trashed out there and my mental state was bad for a bit. But, eventually, I made up my mind that I was going to finish and Dallas and I had a great time. We always do.

"I wouldn't focus on the negative, there's no point in that
Nothing says you can't enjoy the ride
Even if you are off the tracks..."
~ Finger Eleven

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Ron, running the wrong way. said...

Sorry to read of your troubles with this run! If it helps, seeing these photos and your blog have probably pushed me over the edge into trail racing and ultras. :) I'd say you might be onto something there with pulling the intensity down a bit, for a while. Best of luck in pushing through.