Sunday, July 31, 2011

No trail running happening on this blog...

I'm still recovering. After doing 'the splits' going down an embankment on April 23rd, I ran for a while until I couldn't anymore because of the pain. Now, I haven't run in 2 months. I've had X-rays, an MRI, and a few days ago, an MRI with an arthrogram (dye injected into the hip).

Although I had to take about 3 weeks off of all exercise (I was limping), I eventually started cycling, swimming, and hot yoga, since I could do all of those without pain. I'm still lifting weights twice a week. I've been cycling about 45 minutes to an hour 3-5 days a week, swimming once a week (well, if that's what you want to call it - I haven't swam in 30+ years) and trying to walk 2+ miles once or twice a week. Until about a week and a half ago, my walks have been painful. I am now able to walk pain-free, which is great!

Getting ready to leave the house. My new bike skirt. :)

After seeing the Sports Medicine doc at TOI, I was sent to physical therapy for 3 weeks. Exercises and stretches, mostly for strengthening of my adductor/abductors/hips. I am pretty sure I pulled my adductor muscle, and that has finally been fixed. The physical therapist suggested that I try a minute of light jogging, since I was now walking pain-free. It hurt, so I stopped. After seeing my doctor again about that fact, I was sent for an MRI with an arthrogram on Friday. She suspected a labral tear.

I got the results yesterday and it was negative for a labral tear. It indicated a few other things, which I don't quite understand, so I will talk to her this week for the next course of action. It will most likely be a cortisone shot. We'll see. I've become pretty patient these days...

Today, Dallas and I rode our bikes to DMAFB (Air Force base), swam for 30 minutes in the indoor lap pool, and rode back home.

Waiting to get on the AFB. I'm officially a military dependent now.
Riding on base with a view of the Catalina mountains.

Pool feels good in this heat.
Pink everything. Pink clothes, pink swimsuit, pink goggles.

I rode 20 miles!!!!!!!
My longest bike ride ever. I am working on lengthening my weekend bike ride and if things progress along, I might do the 40 mile option of El Tour de Tucson in November. Not sure when I'll get running again, but when I do, it will be a slow progression.

So, for now, I'm enjoying the cycling, trying to learn how to swim again, will probably do Kettelbell/TRX classes with Dallas in August, and hopefully, start hiking with some hills soon.

I did crew Dallas, Mike, Tom, and Jeremy on a 50 miler last weekend. They ran through the Catalina mountains in the middle of the night to celebrate Dallas' 50th birthday.

Proud of these boys! Almost 16 hours and over 11,000 feet of elevation gain

This year has been hard with the loss of my Mom, the loss of Cracker, and the loss of running. But, I married my best friend Dallas, my job is going fairly well (except I'm working a LOT), my health is really good (other than the injury), and I am surrounded by more friends than I have time to spend with.

It felt really good to do a 2+ hour block of exercise today with Dallas. I have really missed running with him and this was awesome.

I don't see myself becoming a triathlete anytime soon, but I am going to Ladies' Night at TriSports at the end of August! Should be fun. I'll probably be going mountain bike riding with my friend Ross in a few weeks for the first time.

I am blessed! I know I will be back to running before long - I just need to be patient and let things heal.

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RunningTroysLife said...

although you are currently injured,your posts are awesome and they keep me motivated during my longer training weeks.
Thank you Alot for continuing to post.
Good luck on the healing!