Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Colorado trails with Julie

After driving out of Colorado Springs, I headed to Golden, where my friend Julie lives. Like my friend Kathleen, I met Julie about 3 years ago via email - she had found my trail running blog. She was coming to Tucson to visit her family for 6 months while her husband was on a sabbatical and wanted to know about some Tucson trails. We ran together off and on while she was here. I say off and on because a month or so after she arrived, I shattered my wrist on a trail run and had to get a plate and 9 screws installed! I was out for about 5-6 weeks, but got in a few more runs with her after that before she left.

Now, every time she comes to visit, sometimes once or twice a year, we go running (usually Phoneline trail; I'll get her out on Bear Canyon loop one of these days).

I decided it was time to go visit her, and along with Kathleen, the 'tour of Colorado' trip was born. Of course, we wouldn't be trail running, but Julie said that we could go on a few hikes, so that is what we did.

First one was behind her house on some trails she regularly runs - about 4.5 miles.

Roo dog was so cute.

Later that day, her husband Mike made us homemade pizza, which was gloriously delicious!

The next day, we went into Boulder and did a few trails (I have no idea what they were called - it was a maze of beautiful trails).

The Flatirons are obscured by the stormy clouds.
She would be one of the many great reasons to live in CO...

The little guy in the tree was seriously checking us out.

A lot of the trails were 'closed off' due to heavy bear activity. I was told that the hunting laws had changed in regards to bears in CO and thus, more bears this year. I think we went for about 4 miles and finished in the drizzling rain and cold.

Boulder is really pretty.

We had lunch at 'Next Door' and shopped on Pearl St. (Outdoor Divas!!!) but I was restrained, and didn't buy anything.

After coming back to Golden that afternoon, I headed to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and got in another short hike - 1.5 miles -  and took in the views.

I would love to see a concert at this place someday.

Momma appeared like she was going to charge me for a second.

After walking down 400 steps to get to the Visitor's Center (I parked at the top of the Amphitheatre) I walked back up the 400 steps and went back to Julie's house.

We ended the trip with a sushi dinner out with her kids that night and I got on the road the next morning to Silverton. I'm hoping she'll come to Tucson in the next year to visit her folks and I can take her on Bear Canyon loop!

Thank you Julie for a wonderful trip. I am so glad I finally made it to your little corner of the world. :)

Oh, the mountains! I'm in love. Next stop - Silverton!

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