Monday, September 5, 2011

Saguaro Labor Day 5k

Yesterday, Dallas and I rode 30 miles on the El Tour de Tucson course - 15 miles out and 15 miles back (uphill on the way back). I have offically signed up to do the 40 mile option, which is on November 19th. I will be doing it on the Gary Fisher hybrid bike, given to me by my friend MaryEllen last Summer.

I have really enjoyed the cycling and I'm so glad I can try some new things as I heal up.

Today, I did the 5k race instead of the 8 mile race I had signed up for originally. I knew I could walk the 8 mile course (I had done it a few weeks ago) but I figured it would take too long so I walked the 5k. It was a little hard 'walking' into the finish, instead of running, but I was happy to be out there on my feet!

Total time: 40:22

I was proud of that. It was a 13 min/mile average. My second mile I averaged 12:36 min/mile! I walked the entire thing. After 2 miles, I heard a gal say, "I've been running the whole time and I still can't pass her!" So, it was fun to know I could at least walk really fast. No pain as a result, either. I'm healing!

My friend Christian ( put this on my FB page:
"Love the Saguaro Labor Day Run 2011 photo. Lean, mean racing machine. WAD UP AZ!?"

Made me feel good! Thanks Christian!

I will try to run towards the end of September and see how things feel. I'm confident I will be back at it before long. I sure hope so! I miss the trails.

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