Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bear Canyon Loop

Ran Bear Canyon Loop (BCL) in Sabino Canyon with Dallas today. We did the all-trail version, going out on trails and returning on Phoneline trail. It was 17.8 miles.

I was so happy to be back running! I probably ran about 12 miles of it. It is about 3,000 feet elevation gain, so there is a bit of climbing - lots of hiking. My legs were a *little* sore from yesterday's 60 mile El Tour bicycle race, so I was slow.

Dallas felt pretty good until the end. He is still recovering from last week's 100 miler.

I've been feeling some tightness in my groin area where my torn ligament was. I was worried that I had returned to running too soon. It wasn't really pain, but a general stiffness/soreness. I really stretched yesterday, so the good news is that today I couldn't feel it at all. Patience with my injury has paid off. I probably have some lingering scar tissue that I may have to deal with.

When we got to the basin, Dallas recreated the 'heart'. This was the first time we have done BCL together since he asked me to marry him here on December 26th last year.

What a hopeless romantic ;)

BCL is so pretty. This was my 7th time doing it. I love trail running. And, I really love trail running with Dallas.

Well, I'm signed up for Old Pueblo 50 mile on 3/3/12 and Zane Grey 50 mile on 4/21/12. Time to get training!

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