Saturday, November 19, 2011

El Tour de Tucson 2011

The crescendo of a summer of running injury. I finished the 2011 El Tour de Tucson - 60 mile distance in 4:16:38. I came in 737 out of 1404 finishers.

I got to see Dallas about an hour into the race. His work location is right along the race course, so he came out to cheer me on. He made an awesome sign, gave me a big hug and kiss, and I was off again.

Happy to see Dallas!

The whole outfit
I got started again in a big lull, which was nice.

I did not have a fancy bike - just used my donated Gary Fisher hybrid (heavy dog!) and I did not have clipped-in shoes. I wore my New Balance Minimus shoes! I love my little bicycle, though. I just peddled my little legs off during this race!

I rode to the start of the race from our house and so my total mileage was actually 63 miles. I was way back from the start line (almost a whole block). It took my about 7 minutes to cross the start line. It is chip-timed, but only for the finish. The start is 'gun-time'. So, my Garmin read 4:10.

I paid attention so I didn't get in any bicycle wrecks and pretty much rode by myself most of the race. I did see my friend Troy, though! Dallas shot a picture of us together, as Troy came up on me not long before I ran into Dallas.

I'm on the far left and Troy is right next to me

Never thought I could ride a bike for 63 miles. I'm pretty impressed with myself, to say the least. :)

Maybe next year, I'll have a better bicycle, with the clipped-in shoes and the whole shebang. Then, I might consider doing the whole thing - 111 miles.

For now, though, it is back to the sport I really love - trail running!

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