Sunday, October 14, 2012

TTR Dragoons run

Total distance: 17.3 miles
Total time: 4:06
Total elevation gain: About 2,500 feet

Dallas and I really wanted to check out this run; we've never been to the Dragoon mountains. This is a new run on our schedule put on by Mark Dorion, who used to run with TTR but now lives in El Paso, TX. It is about an hour and a half SE of Tucson, so we all carpooled to save on gas. 

The ride down with David, Brian and Mike was hysterical. Camaraderie with other runners is so fun.

We did a short out and back 'warm up' on a dirt road off of the campsite area/TH - about 2 - 2.5 miles.

We then headed up the Cochise trail. With the Grand Canyon R2R2R 8 days away, Dallas and I planned on hiking a lot and running light and easy. 

 The Dragoons have a lot of really neat rock formations.

 It was a hilly, rocky, upward climb to the Stronghold Divide, which is around 5,900 feet. 

It was an out and back course - up to Stronghold Divide and to the other side, then back up to the Stronghold Divide and back to the start. Dallas and I ran it together and enjoyed taking pictures, even if we were going to come in 'last'. There was a long stretch of trail that had been washed out and was like running in a chute; not so fun going down, but better going back up.

Eventually, the single track ended and the last several miles before the turnaround was mostly old jeep road. 

We got to the arbitrary 'out point' and Mark had stashed some water and bars. Back we went.

Very neat place to run in. We were last, but we are tapering after all. All ready for Grand Canyon R2R2R!!! Our first one.

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HappyTrails said...

Absolutely beautimus!!! Looks like a perfect day. Also looks like it could get very hot - what was the temperature on your run? Have a marvelous time at the Grand Canyon - we will look forward to LOTS of pics and a full report! :-)