Sunday, September 30, 2012

TTR Mt. Hopkins run - PR!

12 miles up to Mt. Hopkins and 12 miles down. I've previously done this run two years ago in 4:57 and 3 years ago in 4:54.

My legs were still feeling wiped out from the Flagstaff 50k, but I knew I needed this run. 3 weeks until the Grand Canyon R2R2R. 

We all took off at 7am in the slightly cool air. The run starts around 4,200 feet elevation. You can barely see the summit in this picture - Whipple observatory is at the top.

I got to the aid station at 8 miles in 1:43 and got to the top - 12 miles - at 2:43. It is 8,585 feet at the top of Mt. Hopkins. 

At the top! Proof!

Mt. Wrightson view - from the summit of Mt. Hopkins

I got back down to the aid station at mile 16 at 3:20. Jim filled up my pack, I ate a little and left at 3:24. 

I had 8 miles to go, and I really wanted to beat my prior years' times, so I ran like crazy! This run is very hot at the end. Plus, I had some gut issues (not sure why?) and had to stop several times on the side of the road. :(

Total distance: 24 miles
Total time: 4:36 - PR!!!
Total elevation gain: 4,450 feet

All done and happy - PR and my best friend and some shade!

A 18 minute PR! I was happy about that. However, it took almost 5 days after this run for my legs to stop hurting - my calves were trashed. The 24 mile round trip has about 10 miles of pavement and the rest is hard pack dirt road. With faster speeds downhill, I really wrecked myself. It will surely help for the GC once I heal up from this run and get stronger.

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HappyTrails said...

Woo-hoo for a 20 minute PR!!! You are full of PR's lately. Not so woo-hoo for wrecking yourself on the pavement and hardpack. Rest and repair and get ready for your great GC adventure!