Saturday, June 28, 2008

Combo Cactus Forest trail run/Saguaro loop run

Well, my week has been absolutely crazy, so I haven't had much time to blog. I have worked through some of the things which were bothering me last weekend after some self examination and discussion with others. I came through this week with a new attitude, my runs have been great, I'm solving some of the remaining problems with the rental (almost done!) and Kenny and I got our $1,200 economic stimulus check (like a gift, it just dropped into my checking account via direct deposit!). With all the guys I have working on various things both at the rental and at my own house, I'm doing my share to stimulate the economy here in Tucson.
I did get about 35 miles of running in this week and about 3 miles of walking. I'm working back up to 40 miles a week, but I wanted to ramp up slowly and give it time to let all the creaks and aches to dissipate from my marathon/ultra blitz this Spring. I'm back to my twice a week weight workouts, which feels great. I try to do a variety of weight exercises for both upper and lower body, but I'm also trying to up my situps (did 100 on the ball) and pushups (3 sets of 10 on the stands). I may throw a 3rd weight workout in during the week, but I also know I need to make it back to Bikram Yoga (I'm feeling too creaky).

I had the most fabulous run this morning! I ran about 12 miles and ended up walking almost a mile in the middle for about 13 miles total. At the end, I was ready to do about 5 more miles! I was surprised about that, because I have been getting about 6 hours sleep a night, which just isn't cutting it. I'm hoping to catch up on my sleep tonight.

Anyway, back to the run: Shari, Sheryl and I met at the Broadway trailhead entrance to Saguaro National Park and ran the Cactus Forest trail to the Saguaro National Park paved 8 mile loop (about 1.7 miles). There was a sign that warned of mountain lion activity, but the trails affected were a a bit more east of us, so we went on and just stayed aware. We were pretty far from the water source (the dam), which is near where the lions were spotted by others.

Nancy, Lisa, Sue and a new gal Cathy (new to me) ran from somewhere else to the beginning of the park, so our plan was to hit the loop from the trail and run backwards to them, which we did. We didn't want to get too much running in, so we ended up doing a little walking until we ran into them. We found them and continued to run the loop until we reached the Cactus Forest trail from the other side of the loop (Cactus Forest trail starts outside the paved loop and runs right through it). We then ran back on the Cactus Forest trail all the way back to the trailhead (about 4.2 miles). Lisa, Nancy, Sue and Cathy continued on the loop. In addition to the trail, the part of the paved loop that we did is super hilly, and we got a phenomenal workout! The 8 mile loop is the course for the Saguaro Labor Day run, which I just signed up for (my 4th running of it). After the run, I went and signed up for the Everyone Runs 11 mile Catalina State Park trail run, which is on September 27th. Got some cool schwag for getting there early to register (a pair of Everyone Runs socks and a $10 Robeks smoothie gift card!) Looks like my 2008 race calendar is shaping up.

Great picture of Shari and the new gal, Cathy. They'll be doing a half Ironman in July.

It was really a fun run today; lots of chatting and laughing and I guess I have just decided to let everyone be who they are and have fun, too. Lots to be thankful to God for today: a man who truly loves me, great friends, being able to run like the wind, opportunities for spiritual growth, and the ability to think of others on occasion and how I may help them.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay! that's awesome that you had such a great run :)

HappyTrails said...

I am soooo glad you had fun!!! I second Angie's "Yay!!!!!!!"!

Sarah said...

Sounds great! I'm amazed you can still run so much in the desert heat. I guess it's what you're used to. : )