Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from Silverton Colorado!

Kenny, myself, and our 3 dogs (Dixie, Taos and Cracker) headed up to Colorado to spend 8 days in snowpacked Silverton at 9,318 feet elevation. The mountain passes between Durango and Silverton were getting worse as we headed in on Christmas Eve, but we made it in time before the big storm hit. We had snow cables on our tires and with the 4-wheel drive, I felt a little better. Kenny drove very slow and safe over the passes. The last part of the drive was dark and the snow was really coming down.On Christmas Day, we did some walking around in the snow - the town was super quiet and hunkered down. It was snowing like crazy, and the wind was really blowing the snow around, but we went out and played with the dogs anyway. Kenny made a snow angel in the piled up snow near where his shop is in the Summer:
Kenny wearing his bear hat:
It snowed from Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas. The day after Christmas had the whole neighborhood shoveling snow:
The big front loaders came through after Christmas and helped clear out the town from the blizzard:
Dixie and Taos liked the snow, but Cracker has been a little cold:

We really had a great Christmas here. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting inside watching the snow come down. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I got the new Garmin 405 watch from Kenny for Christmas! I am so exciting to take it out on a run. I'm just learning how to use the GPS on it. I won't be doing any running here in Silverton, but we plan on snowshoeing, sledding (lots of walking uphill!) and I'll be taking lots of classes at the Silverton Movement Center (indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, body pump) to keep myself in training shape. My surgeon said no snow skiing because of my wrist - too much of a risk of rebreaking it since I had never been skiing before. The small ski area here in Silverton is a good one to learn on, but I'd feel pretty stupid if I broke it again, so I'll just hold off for now. We'll still have a blast here.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

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HappyTrails said...

I've been wondering how you have been faring in the cold and snow in Silverton! It IS beautiful! Have fun snowshoeing and sledding. Maybe Cracker needs a second (or third!) sweater and ear muffs! :-) Enjoy your time and be safe!