Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sledding and having fun

The snow is pretty piled up out here in Silverton. It was cold last night, too - low of around NEGATIVE 19 degrees. Coldest weather I have ever been in. Hey, it wasn't even that warm inside (we are trying to conserve heat, as we are staying at a lovely Victorian house owned by some people my husband knows. They are charging us for the wood/heat, but we don't want to abuse it.)

Since the snow plows and front loaders had dug the town out after the 2 day blizzard, it was time to get out and have some fun. So, I dragged myself out of bed, bundled up and headed out in the cold to take a 45 minute spin class (indoor cycling) followed by a 45 minute yoga class at the Silverton Movement Center this morning. Whew! Afterwards, I met Kenny at the Avalanche Coffee Shop for a very warm cup of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha.After warming up, we borrowed some sleds and spent the rest of the afternoon sledding down one of the hilly side streets in Silverton. What a blast! After the 10th time walking up the hill, I realized how sore I was. So, even though I'm not running, I'm getting lots of exercise here.Kenny took Dixie down on a sled ride, but she jumped off pretty quickly!

Dixie and Taos like to chase Kenny as he sleds down the hill.

We finished off the day with a homemade crockpot of chicken green chile soup and several mean games of Mexican Train dominoes. What a great vacation this is turning out to be. Very peaceful here in the San Juan mountains.

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