Saturday, December 6, 2008

Phoneline Trail run

Early this morning (7am - brrr), I met up with Julie, Sheryl and Lynn (and Lynn's daughter) to run Phoneline Trail up Sabino Canyon and then run down the Sabino Canyon tram road. When I showed up, there were also a bunch of guys that I knew doing the trail - Steve F. (Sheryl's husband), Steve H., Mark M. and some other guy named Jim (am I missing anyone?) Of course, shortly after we took off, the guys left us in the dust, but it was great to talk to a few of them for the first 1/4 mile.

Sheryl and I were behind Julie and Lynn for the trail portion. We were fairly slow on our pace, which was good considering the accident I had there last year. No need to kill myself. Phoneline trail sits above the canyon and one wrong step (or fall) and you could find yourself off the edge! Julie and Lynn would periodically stop and wait up for us, which was nice. We all ran down the road together.
It is about a 9 mile loop, but after we finished, Julie and I headed out for a little more. We did a few small trails out in the Sabino Canyon area, adding on an additional 3 or so miles. So, I ran 12+ miles - I really need to start doing longer runs, so next weekend, I have vowed to do 14. Pemberton 50k is closer than I think. All considering, this trail takes longer because it is so rocky and steep in the beginning, so I was good with the length of time we were out there. It is so unbelievably pretty in that canyon. I have lived in Tucson for 22 years, but only in the last few years have I really discovered the desert and all of the beauty in it. Desert trail running really gets you in the middle of it all.
Next week: new trail route for me - I'm going out to Catalina State Park with Julie to run the 50 year trail (which I have done before) and connecting with the Sutherland trail (which I've never done before) for a loop. Week after: TTR run on AZ trail (50k). I'll only do around 15-17 miles, but it should be fun.
My spirit is soaring just being back on the trails on a regular basis. It is so good to be me.

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds like a great run!