Sunday, January 25, 2009

Winter Bear Canyon Loop trail run with TTR

It was my inaugural running of the Bear Canyon Loop in Sabino Canyon and I felt lucky to get to join the TTR group (many of whom have run this trail umpteen times). However, it was definitely not my day on the trail. We all have them.

After running a little late, forgetting my breakfast on the kitchen counter (Force Primevil bar from Trader Joe's - my long run lucky breakfast with lots of slow burn carbs) signing up quickly and not getting a chance to use the restroom, we were off. I said hello to a few of my friends - Mark, Donna, David, Steve, Joyce, Patricia and some other acquaintances - before we took off. Even though there were around 35 people, we quickly became spread out. David and I ran together, passing and getting passed by a few people here and there.
I found a bathroom shortly into the run, so I jumped off trail quickly and at least solved that problem. Needless to say, I didn't fuel well the whole run, which was part of my trouble. However, I started having a very painful nagging ankle pain around Seven Falls (about 4 miles in). Lots of water in Seven Falls and the creek due to recent rainfall:I took some Aleve, but it only got a little better. I could not run the uphills without excruciating pain. I think I overdid on some yard work a week ago Saturday; I could slightly feel it at the start of the long run last week, but it really never got bad until this week. I had to walk, off and on, about 4 miles of the run. The 6 or so? rocky creek crossings at the beginning of the run probably didn't help my ankle either.

On one of my fuel stops, I dropped my wonderful sunglasses and stepped on them, irreparably breaking them (big boo hoo on that one). I think Sabino Canyon is no good for those sunglasses; the last pair I had (exactly like these - Tifosi brand - pink Scatto) got ruined when I fell on Phoneline trail in 11/07. Bye, bye $89. Say hello to Ms. Champagne taste on beer budget - it will be a while before I can afford another pair. They are so comfy, though!
Patricia was leap frogging us for a while, but we passed her one final time before coming up to Phoneline trail. Almost everyone took the tram road back, but we took Phoneline trail on the return, which added an extra mile (I thought it added more than it did) and quite a bit of extra time due to dodging the plentiful amount of hikers out and the rockiness of the trail in general. Very tall saguaro cactus on Phoneline trail:
Garmin (love my Garmin!) stats:

Total miles: 17.5

Time out 4:50 (this includes breaks, etc.)

Total Ascent: 4,273 feet

Total Descent: 4,237 feet (that always amazes me; what about the saying what comes up must come down?) I think it has to do with the swinging of the arms or something.

So, I think I'll be taking a few days off of running to give the ankle a break. I also have some nagging shin pain (I love to overstride on the downhills), so a few days of rest will do me some good.

I think I would try the Bear Canyon Loop again when I'm more well rested. It really is a beautiful place.

We were last to get in. I hate being last (better to be last than lost, I guess). Thanks Mark (who waited 2 hours for me - he thought I fell because I took so long), Donna, Steve, Patricia (who came in right before us) for waiting for us to come in. TTR is such a good group of trail runners.

My favorite Yogi tea bag saying tonight before bed:

Live Light
Travel Light
Spread the Light
Be the Light

Be the Light. Yes. Nice way to end the day.

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Joyce said...

It was great seeing you out there, but I'm sorry you had such a bad day! I hope your ankle is feeling better.